House with new vinyl siding and trim.

Interactive online design tools, such as Dream Designer from Exterior Portfolio, make it easy to choose the color and style of vinyl siding for your home. Simply upload a photo of your house and then use the design tool to see how it would look with different styles and colors of siding.

You can then order a sample board of your choices with actual siding and trim styles and colors. Watch this video to find out more.

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Danny Lipford: The folks at Exterior Portfolio are hooking Chelsea up with brand new solid core siding. Choosing the new siding and accessories is really easy because Exterior Portfolio has an online design tool, called Dream Designer, which lets you upload a picture of your home and then try out a variety of options for siding, trim, and tons of architectural details. Visualizing these changes is always difficult for homeowners and this tool removes the uncertainty.

Sharon Lipford: Oh, wow.

Chelsea Lipford: Looks a lot different.

Danny Lipford: You can even order a sample board that combines your selections so there’s no guesswork at all. When the siding crew arrives the Exterior Portfolio factory rep is with them and he gives me some of the inside scoop on this stuff. Joel, I know you guys must get some great response off of this siding.

Joel Davidson: Oh, we absolutely do, Danny. It’s an incredible product.

Danny Lipford: And then over here, with having the foam backing for the moisture barrier and a little extra R-value, that’s awesome.

Joel Davidson: It gives your home a drainage plane. It gives a place where the home can let the moisture out.

Danny Lipford:  And then all of your accent pieces. I always love to see the shakes like this. I know she’s planning on using these up on the gable there. And seeing that in contrast with the siding.

Joel Davidson: The beautiful cabin brown, and that is the single eight Portsmouth Shake. And when you put those together giving that staggered texture, it’s just going to be beautiful on there.

Danny Lipford: And then this is going to be embedded in the gables as well. So, you have that.

Joel Davidson: Yeah. And then in addition, she’s going to be using a three-and-a-half-inch lineal to give the old-wood window look.

Danny Lipford: Man, what…

Joel Davidson: That needs to be done.

Danny Lipford: What a great combination. And even that’s insulated.

Joel Davidson: Absolutely. So, yeah. She’ll have a fully insulated home on the outside of it.

Danny Lipford: Well, that’s perfect. I know something else that I think is pretty cool. They’re putting up some of the soffit pieces over here now. And I noticed how, this is a little bit different than what I’ve seen in the past, where it’s basically all of the ventilated slots are kind of hidden there.

Joel Davidson: Exactly. This is a hidden vent soffit. And what’s really cool about this is your ventilation is up into the break of the soffit. So, it’s hidden, but it gives you the net free air space that’s required for the intake ventilation.

Danny Lipford: That foam backing on the siding that Joel showed me, it adds a 2.5 R-value all over the house. But it also makes the siding more rigid, so it looks more like real wood. The trim pieces that wrap the windows, corners, and just below the soffit also help create the authentic look of traditional materials without the upkeep.

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