Fiber cement siding is made from a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and wood fibers. Fiber cement is available as lap siding, trim boards, and sheet goods. It can be purchased prefinished at the factory or can be painted with acrylic latex paint.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

It’s Long-lasting and Durable

Fiber cement siding is superior to other types of siding because it lasts much longer. A proper fiber cement siding installation can last up to 50 years or longer, thanks to its chemical composition of cellulose fibers, cement, and sand. This makeup is durable, cost-efficient and all-around better, according to a study done by the University of Minnesota.

It’s Customizable

Fiber cement siding doesn’t just come in one color or pattern like other types of siding. You can choose from a selection of 6 textures and over 22 different colors if you purchase your siding from a company.

This means you can have a wood grain, stucco, or rustic-style house without actually having to use the real material itself. In this way, fiber cement siding gives you the functionality of beautiful siding like wood, without the added cost or increased fragility.

It Won’t Rot, Warp, or Decay

Unlike other types of siding, your fiber cement siding will not warp or rot. The material it’s made of is incapable of doing so. This is one of the reasons it’s able to last the typical homeowner up to 50 years plus. Even without being sealed, fiber cement siding will never swell, warp, or rot. This is a significant benefit for homeowners in wet climates, where the threat of moisture damage calls for durable, waterproof siding.

It’s Noncombustible and Heat Resistant

In addition to looking very attractive, fiber cement siding is completely fire-resistant.  This prevents you from having to worry about your siding melting from any number of causes, as cheaper siding is known to do. In terms of fire safety, it ranks right next to brick, making it one of the safest and most fireproof materials to work with.

It’s an Affordable Siding Option

Because fiber cement is so easy to make, it’s actually cheaper than most other types of siding. Vinyl costs around $5 per square foot to install, while wood can exceed $20 per square foot. Fiber cement siding is typically installed for anywhere from $5-$14, making it a good compromise between cost and functionality. With all of its benefits, the price is well worth all of the benefits this siding provides.

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Further Information

Danny Lipford: When it come to protecting your home from the elements, the materials you have on the outside of your home are second only to the roof itself in terms of importance. These walls are constantly under attack from wind, sun, rain, and snow.

Now, for bricks or stucco that’s not a big deal, because they can handle the abuse. But wood siding and hardboard siding, well, that’s a different story. The moisture and constant expansion and contraction from temperature change will break them down over time.

One solution lots of homeowners are finding out about is fiber cement siding. That’s what these people chose for the addition that’s being built onto their home.

Fiber cement is a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and wood fibers; and it’s available as lap siding, trim boards, and even sheet material. The beauty of this siding is that it’s incredibly hard, noncombustible, it won’t rot or decay, and it resists water and termites.

Fiber cement can be purchased like this—unfinished, then painted with a quality acrylic latex paint—or you can buy it with a factory applied finish in a variety of different colors. Now, fiber cement costs a lot less than bricks or stucco and about the same, many times a little bit less, than hardboard or wood siding.

So if protecting your home from Mother Nature is a priority, keep this in mind.

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