Split view of a squirrel in nature and Hardie Board siding with gnaw marks from squirrels chewing.
Squirrels can wreak havoc on Hardie Board siding, but don’t fret! There are ways to deter them.

The squirrels around Cathy Rieger’s Thomasville, Ga., home are relentlessly chewing on her Hardie Board siding. They’ve already gnawed down to the porous part of the siding, and now she’s looking for a solution to keep the tree rats from wreaking further destruction.

Why Do Squirrels Chew Hardie Board Siding?

To clarify, the squirrels aren’t actually eating the siding — they’re using it to sharpen their teeth. Squirrels have four front teeth that never stop growing, so they don’t wear down from the constant gnawing, according to National Geographic

Hardie Board siding is made of fiber cement, a durable product great for home siding but unfortunately also great for squirrels to sharpen their teeth. 

Typically, juvenile squirrels will gnaw to sharpen their young teeth, just like puppies like to chew on things around the house. Squirrels will outgrow this gnawing phase after about a month or so. However, the problem is constant because of squirrels’ breeding habits. 

Female squirrels have their babies twice a year and can produce as many as eight babies with each litter. Breeding season takes place in late fall/early winter and early summer/late spring.

Options to Keep Squirrels Away

Hardie Board suggests making a small box out of fiber cement siding away from the home for the squirrels to chew on. The idea is that this will hopefully get them away from chewing on your home and instead on the decoy box.

To repair the damaged Hardie Board siding, use automotive body filler to fill in the chewed parts. Sand it to shape, then prime and paint the siding. 

To deter the squirrels from returning to their chewing post, use a squirrel repellant spray or squirrel mace. Spray wherever they are chewing.

You can also lay down porky pine wire. These are the same strips used to prevent birds from landing and roosting outside windows.

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Question of the Week

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When you have an exhaust fan of any kind, you have to have some air intake. If there’s a window on the side of the garage, leave it open or put up another fan with air blowing into the garage. Make sure nothing is blocking the air intake on your ridge vent and check to see if you have enough soffit vents. Depending on the structure of the house, it’s fairly easy to install a wall-mounted exhaust fan.

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