From performance practicality to reliable style aesthetics, vertical aluminum siding panels empower homeowners to get the most out of their home’s exterior. Whether you’re looking for a smart way to add value to your home or you simply need a cost-effective siding option, vertical aluminum siding is an excellent exterior choice that often gets overlooked. 

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Vertical aluminum siding panels are built with exceptional durability standards that offer protection from the elements, weather resistance, and more. In fact, there are many awesome advantages to using aluminum vertical siding for mobile homes, mansions, commercial storefronts, and everything in between.

Still unsure if aluminium is the right choice for your home? Take a look at these five solid benefits of vertical aluminum siding to get a feel for what this heavy-duty material can offer:

1. Durability

For those who aren’t familiar with vertical aluminum siding, it’s natural to question the durability of this product. After all, most people immediately think of the aluminum found in everyday products that aren’t meant to last, like soda cans and kitchen foil. Unlike these common household items, aluminum vertical siding is built with high-quality coil stock, hard materials, and coated layers that increase the thickness and strength of the vertical aluminum siding panels, so the final product is really incomparable. 

In fact, aluminum siding can effectively protect the home for up to 50 years when installed properly, and because of its unique metallic properties, aluminum siding is not as susceptible to water damage or rotting, like wood siding often is. The durability of aluminum siding is a huge advantage for property owners who want a product that will perform well and maintain its attractive appearance.

2. Low-Maintenance

The natural durability of aluminum is another huge advantage: it’s a very low-maintenance product. Wood typically needs caulking and painting every few seasons to maintain its original lustre, and vinyl often requires repairs and power washes to keep mold growth in check. Aluminium vertical siding, on the other hand, only needs an occasional rinse with a garden hose to ensure debris isn’t collecting in the seams. 

Beyond that, vertical aluminum siding is easy to maintain. Plus, it’s waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about chipping off rust patches if you live in an area with high humidity or regular snowfall. Homeowners who like to keep chores in check are often very pleased with the low-maintenance needs of aluminum siding.

3. Cost-Effective

Another great reason to consider aluminum siding is the fact that it is a cost-effective choice in comparison with other siding materials that require large down payments or routine repair and replacement. Natural stone, treated timber that has been handcrafted, and other expensive siding products can cost thousands more than aluminum.

All in all, the durability and practicality of aluminum siding makes it an incredibly valuable product for its price. One reason it tends to be more affordable is the fact that vertical aluminum siding panels are fairly lightweight, meaning contractors will have an easier installation process. This can ultimately lower transportation costs and labor expenses. In addition, aluminum can be recycled and reused, cutting down the need for sourcing new materials. 

4. Eco-Friendly

The recyclability of aluminum is another excellent advantage. As every industry tries to find new ways of becoming more sustainable, recycled aluminium is already there! This offers a way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding new building materials that ultimately end up in the landfill.

Furthermore, aluminum is a reliable insulator, so vertical aluminum siding can boost energy efficiency in extreme temps. By helping the home maintain warmth in the winter and keeping it cool in the summer, aluminum siding relieves the pressure typically placed on heating and cooling units. Enhancing the energy efficiency of the home can also reduce utility bills — something that most homeowners will appreciate for years to come.

5. Style Versatility

Finally, aluminum siding offers an incredible range of styles that can be achieved by experimenting with different colors, designs, textures, and installation layouts. White aluminum vertical siding projects a crisp appearance and makes for easy curb appeal that won’t go out of style. Contractors are quick to agree that it’s possible to use vertical aluminum siding for mobile homes, brick ranch homes, city living lofts, mansions, and more — it really is that versatile!

Vertical Aluminum Siding Is A Valuable Resource

There are many reasons to consider aluminum siding for your next building project. Whether it’s the performance capacity or the cost-effectiveness that piques your interest, vertical aluminum siding will add value to the home in many ways.

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