How to Remove Vinyl Siding

Can I install cedar shakes over the vinyl siding on my house? -Eddie

Hi Eddie,

Due to the hollow nature of vinyl siding, it doesn’t provide a sturdy enough surface to install wood shakes over it. Your best bet would be to remove the vinyl siding, and then install the shakes on the plywood or wood sheathing.

The good news is that it’s easy to remove vinyl siding if you know how. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Start at the top of the wall and pull out (or punch through with a nail set) any nails that are holding the top piece in place.
  • Next, give the siding a sharp bump downward to unlock it from the piece below.
  • If the siding is difficult to unlock, use a siding removal tool (also known as a zip tool) to undo each row from the one below.
  • Slide each piece of siding out of the “U” shaped channel molding at each end.
  • Repeat the process on each row until all the siding has been removed.
  • Remove the channel molding at each end and along the top of the wall, as well as the starter strip at the bottom of the wall.
  • If needed, apply house wrap or felt paper to the wall sheathing before putting up your shakes.

Good luck with your project,



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