Cedar board and batten siding is an aesthetic that brings a natural vibe to your home and combines it with the durability and timelessness of wood siding. This can be just what you need to blend your new house into the surrounding environment and help it stand out from the crowd at the same time.

You could just go the standard route and use cedar board and batten siding on your home. But why not make it more exciting? This article will give you 13 cedar board and batten siding ideas for making your home more unique. Let’s dive in!

1. Trendy Sage Green Siding With White Trims

Having sage green sidings with white trims will make your home look trendy and stylish.

White trims help accentuate the siding’s texture to look more natural and earthy.

When it comes to architectural details, adding cedar shingles to your house will add more interest and character.

2. Light and Modern Aesthetic

The best way to incorporate cedar board and batten siding in your modern house is to make sure that the exterior colors match each other.

The cedar siding has a natural look, perfect for homes with many plants.

This house design doesn’t need many architectural details to add visual interest because the minimalist style is already there to give an elevated modern look to your exterior.

3. Mysterious Vintage Style

One way to have a mysterious-looking home is by using brownish cedar board and batten siding for your house. It’s like you can see the history of your house from its appearance.

The proper way to use vintage-style homes with cedar siding is to add some lighting, especially at night.

You can either use a simple lamp or place a torchlight next to your wall.

4. Daring Black Siding

If you want something bold, daring, and utterly unforgettable, consider having black cedar board and batten sidings. Black siding has the same charm as fabricated metal siding but is much less expensive and easier to install.

It’s so versatile that you can use it to create a look that feels industrial or even modern in the right setting. Black siding is ideal for contemporary-style houses with many windows to highlight the interior’s design, lighting, pools, and landscaping.

5. Minimalist Wood Cabin

Use cedar board and batten siding to create a minimalist wood cabin.

Ensure that the siding has been lacquered and polished to give it an extra-sleek look and a rustic touch.

Pair it with a metal roof or keep it natural with a wood shake roof. Install a wide matte panel as an accent wall to your cabin house to break up the monotony of the surrounding wood.

6. Mid-Century Siding and Brick Wall Combination

Modern meets traditional in this stunning home, but don’t worry—we’re not talking about clashing styles. Instead, various styles are combined to make the house look like an art piece.

If you want to add some architectural detail to your home but don’t want to compromise on the structure’s beauty, add pastel green cedar board and batten siding. Having vertically and horizontally aligned siding is a great way to include modern and traditional elements in your home.

7. Neutral Tone Siding as an Accent Wall

If you have a dark-colored roof, walls, shingles, and other bold-colored house features on your exterior, balance the look with a neutral-tone cedar siding as an accent wall.

This will highlight your front yard landscaping and make your exterior feel more inviting without being too bold.

8. Elegant White Farmhouse

This elegant white farmhouse perfectly showcases the beauty of cedar board and batten siding in a classic setting.

The combination of antique-style roofs and dark-colored trims make the board and batten siding stand out. We love how this home blends traditional styles with modern materials for a unique, eye-catching result.

9. Cozy Gray Siding

Gray is the perfect color for a soothing and relaxing environment.

The paint has a calming and relaxing effect on our minds, making it the ideal shade for your home’s siding.

If you’re looking for something to help you relax after a long day of work, having gray cedar board and batten sidings will satisfy your interest.

This type of siding is perfect for any house size, and it makes the ideal accent for any garden.

10. Captivating Gray Siding

Having a multi-story house in the woods can be tricky to style. Fortunately, gray cedar board and batten sidings have the right mix of cozy, modern, and rustic, which makes it easy to create a home that’s as relaxing and beautiful as it is functional.

For example, the house shown above has a simple color scheme with orange-tone woods paired with gray siding. The result is a home that looks warm and inviting without feeling too heavy. And if you want to make your home look elevated, all you need to do is get a good mix of windows in various sizes.

11. Charming Residential Home

Vertical lines can make your home feel taller, and horizontal stripes can make it feel more expansive.

Diagonal lines can add drama and dimension to the whole thing. Add them together to increase your home’s curb appeal.

If you’re going for a simple cozy-looking home, choose two shades with high contrast—for example, white trims on a cream-colored house with red roofs.

12. Rustic Barn House

Rustic cedar siding can add so much character to your barn house.

The natural variegation in the wood grain gives it a timeless, weathered look that will never go out of style.

Add expansive windows to provide your home with a grand, open aesthetic that will make people want to visit.

13. Cabin Farmhouse

To achieve a simple countryside farmhouse look, consider having navy blue cedar board and batten siding contrasted with white trims.

The result is a crisp and classic look that will blend right with your natural environment.

Thanks for reading our blog about cedar board and batten siding ideas. Although cedar board and batten siding is an old home improvement technique, it’s still a viable option for many homeowners looking to get that old-fashioned look in a modern home.

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