September Lawn & Garden To-Do List

Cleanup and Maintenance

    • Now is a great time to clear out new planting beds and apply compost (or leaves and grass clippings) to be ready for spring planting.
    • Attack those weeds! Commercial herbicides are particularly effective this time of year, as weeds are storing up nutrients in their roots and quickly absorb the herbicide where it counts.
    • Label your perennials and bulbs before they die back to the ground.
  • Put out extra bird feeders to support migrating birds.


    • Slugs are particularly active in September – apply slug bait, diatomaceous earth, or other slug-control products during this time.
  • In the fall, slugs lay clusters of eggs about the size of a small BB. Look under stones, boards, and around the edge of your lawn for these colorless eggs and destroy any you find.

Plan Ahead

    • If you haven’t already ordered your fall bulbs, do so now! Hold off on planting them until after the first frost.
    • Simplify leaf clean-up by installing gutter guard, covering open drainpipes, and tuning up or repairing lawn equipment.
  • Build a compost bin to collect fall leaves.


  1. I have been having trouble with my lawn. All summer the length of the grass I cut each week is down from about 4″ to now about 1″to2″s. Could it be the thatch? Please respond. Thank you, Jerry Bravin

  2. I have alot of moss in the lawn and I dont know what to do. Its nearly september and Im not sure if I should rake it out.

  3. I like your idea of bringing plants inside before the night ends. It is a good way to make them last! Any other suggestions for good plants for getting ready for the Christmas season?

  4. I just bought a 25 acre farm where about 6 acres are mowable, but the other acres are bushhog material and trees. One of my questions is about shrubs, should I wait to take them out and put in new ones? Also, can I spray some kind of week control or killer after bush hoging to try to help control the weeds, etc. for next year?


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