September Home Maintenance To-Do List

Joe Truini stacks firewood during a taping of Today's Homeowner
Firewood needs seasoning, or drying, before use. Try this stacking technique for optimal seasoning.

To-Do #6: Cut and Stack Firewood

Enjoy the last warm days of the season by stocking up on firewood and splitting and stacking it neatly in your yard.

For the safest and best fires, and to reduce creosote buildup in your chimney, burn only hardwood logs that have been dried and aged for at least a year.

Not all fireplaces are created equal, so cut your firewood to a length that will easily fit inside your fireplace. Split it into manageable sizes, saving smaller pieces for kindling.

You can buy a rack to hold your firewood, or stack it in old-fashioned cords. Whatever you choose, locate your woodpile away from your home to help prevent insects, rodents, and snakes from moving indoors for the winter.

Even though it’s often called a “woodpile,” make sure your firewood is stacked neatly and safely, so that you don’t trip in the dark and it doesn’t fall over on a child.

You may also want to put a tarp over the stack to keep it dry and ready to use in all kinds of weather.


  1. Once again Danny provides solid advice on how to prepare your home for the new season. Cosmetic changes are always nice, but solid advice for safety and security in your home are top notch! Sharon, HomeMD Inspection Services

  2. Had a metal roof installed next to the back of my house over a wooden deck. It’s great sitting out with my coffee & enjoying mother nature. However it leaks under roof & the facial boards.. Help.

  3. I just saw your show on Morning Blend and I didn’t catch all that you said about the door sweeps. Where could I see that again? Thank you.
    Mary Lu

  4. I would like to know more about lubricating your garage doors with engine oil. I have used white lithium grease, but they still seem loud.

  5. We enjoy your show so much, even though it airs very early on our local cbs channel! We love the monthly updates and the info you provide both on the show and on the website. Printed out the fall list, even though we have lived in this house many years, it’s always good to have a reminder list of things that should be attended to. Might I mention one other: have your pest control company do a thorough check inside your home for evidence of insects/rodents. Even with the best pest control, things do happen, and can be overlooked if in an unused space.

  6. I saw a episode as I was preparing for the day early one morning. I saw your checklist which reminded me of the one I had from several years back. I liked your list and wanted to get a copy of it; not only to compare with mine but to put to use what I may have missed.


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