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Taking picture with camera.Sometimes it can be difficult to explain your particular home improvement woes with just words, so we thought we’d make it easier on you. We now have two ways for you to get your questions to Danny!

If you’re really passionate about your question, grab your smartphone, camera, or video camera and email a picture or video to us along with your question at to ask your question and show us what’s wrong.

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  1. please help…i have wall paper in the kitchen with a rough finish (half wall). Can you paint over this wall paper and kind of paint do i need??? thank you

  2. Betty,
    While you can paint over wallpaper if it is in good condition, it is far from an ideal solution and you might consider stripping it instead, particularly if it has a rough finish. Any imperfections in the wallpaper—like seams, bubbles, tears, patterns, and textures—will show through the paint. To check for flaws, hold a bright directional light like a desk lamp or trouble light against the wall to highlight imperfections, then glue down any bubbles or loose spots. Skim over seams with joint compound and lightly sand smooth. Latex paint can soak through the wallpaper and loosen the adhesive, so prime first with an oil based primer/sealer and let dry before top coating with latex wall paint.


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