Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Temperatures have dipped, so it’s important to keep cold air outside your home, where it belongs, and keep warm air inside.

That starts with the front door.

First, check your weatherstripping and ensure it’s in good condition, doing the job it’s designed to do.

Next, look for gaps under exterior doors — they’re easy to fix; just slip a double-draft stop underneath.

Do your windows and exterior doors have gaps around their trim? If so, that’s where cold air can enter — caulk those gaps now to prevent drafts later.
Consider a window insulation kit if the drafts don’t seem to go away.

Larger holes outside the home are easy to remedy, too — just spray expandable foam into those holes!

Finally, adding an attic stair cover can keep air from entering your room from the roof, and adding insulation in the attic is another way to ‘fill in the gaps’ and keep out drafts.

Watch the video above to learn more!


  1. I have 70+ house with bay window in kitchen. After having vinyl siding, profile framing put up on outside of windows and new aluminum window wrap put on, I now have air coming where the interior window frames meet up..Any ideas why and how to stop air coming in there? Window frames are painted and they have new low e windows installed. Never had this issues before new siding/window wrap job. Thanks for any suggestions.


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