Tips To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Is your home ready for summer? Here’s a quick checklist to make sure the house is cool, the deck is in shape and mosquitoes are far away!

How to Keep Your Home Cool for the Summer

  • Trim nearby shrubs and keep debris away from your condenser unit, the outside part of your air conditioner.
  • Make sure the condensate (drain) line is dripping water and there are no blockages. To prevent clogs, pour 1 cup of bleach quarterly into the drain line inside your home.
  • Keep blinds or curtains closed during sunny days to prevent heat buildup.
  • Use a quality air filter and regularly replace it. A pleated filter can catch allergens inside your home and will prevent your system from breaking down.

How to Boost Backyard Living

  • Replace loose or rotting boards on the deck.
  • Look for popped nails on the deck and replace them with galvanized deck screws.

How to Keep Mosquitoes from Your Home for Summer

  • Eliminate all standing water (whether it’s in a birdbath, inflatable pool or mud puddle).
  • Generate air movement. A simple $20 box fan below enough air to discourage mosquitoes.
  • Repel them with scents (rosemary, lemon eucalyptus oil).

Want tips to prepare your home for the summer? Watch Danny’s segment on The Weather Channel in the video above and share your comments below!


  1. I watch you and Chelsea in Adrian, MI. The channel is from Toledo, Ohio. I get a lot of good tips from you both. I have emailed a few times to no avail. I wonder what I am doing wrong. Are there any new shows being made?

    • Happy to help, Marilyn.
      Each season of ‘Today’s Homeowner’ includes a mix of fresh episodes, reruns and repurposed episodes.
      Last week’s episode, for instance, was a rerun.
      Our next fresh episode airs the week of June 28. (Just two more days to go!)
      Thanks for your message, and for watching.


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