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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. I have some great tips for you to do a few of those repairs that you’ve been putting off so that you’re ready for those holiday guests. The place to start—here in the kitchen, they’re all going to end up here.

So if you have any little chips and dings maybe in your sink, there’s a lot of different products from Homax that’ll allow you to touch up any of your ceramic, or any of your ceiling. And here’s some of the porcelain repair kit that you can fix some of those chips that’ll be nice and permanent.

And if you’re doing a little caulking, the caulking tools from Homax really are convenient to help you remove the caulk and reapply it like the pros do.

And you know technology is something every year we hear about so much. And technology has really gotten more affordable and a lot easier to use these days. And that’s especially the case with the NuTone system—their Smart Home Series—that’s a series of modules, and here’s how it works.

First of all you start with your wireless router, you add a hub to that—very inexpensive, then you download free software—an app—on your smartphone or your tablet. Then you’re able to control any of the modules that you install in your home.

It could be a replacement switch that you’ve done in your house or an outlet. Or a lamp module that you’re able to plug in, and then anything you plug into you’re able to control.

And how much easier is it to replace just a light bulb with the NuTone Smart Home light bulb that allows you to control any of these things from across the room or across the country. Hey, think about being able to turn your Christmas tree on when you’re coming home, so that it lights up and welcomes you home.

Great gift ideas, but special gift is one that’s homemade, and that’s exactly what’s happening on my back patio right now—my daughter Chelsea.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf: That’s right, I’m working on some Christmas gifts for my mom today, and I was inspired by the table I recently created using the Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch.

And what that means is all I have to do is push this red button, and I’m able to burn on the face of the picture frame and create a really cool look. And it’s going to look great with pictures of her new grandbaby under the Christmas tree this year.

Danny Lipford: That does look nice, I like the way that ties together. Also, some very practical ways of loosening bolts. You can also kill weeds with the flame, and also loosen some paint and caulk on the outside of the house.

You can also have some fun and be able to get to your fire pit, relax, and really get that fire going quick. And, of course, don’t forget the marshmallows.

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