Summer Home Maintenance Made Easy

Maintaining a home is a year-round job, so it’s a good idea to spread out the work into smaller chore lists you can tackle at the start of each season.

We call it the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership.

For summer, the list includes things like inspecting and repairing your deck, fences and gates.

Those things will see more use this time of year, and it’s important that that you replace any loose fasteners or rotten wood to make them safe for your family and friends.

Folding counter near barbecue grill outdoors on a cloudy day
Before you fire up the grill after several months of not using it, clean it with aluminum foil and white vinegar.

And you’re going to be doing more entertaining outside, so be sure to clean your grill … you’ll want it in tip-top shape for those backyard cook-outs this summer.

This is also a great time to thoroughly clean your windows inside and out, so you can enjoy the outdoors — from inside, too.

Gloved hands cleaning countertops and washing windows
For great views when you can’t be outside, clean your windows so they sparkle. (DepositPhotos)

Speaking of the inside of your home, tackle organizing your garage this summer. Now’s a great time to purge any unnecessary items and schedule a garage sale to make a few extra dollars.

If you have a two-door garage, the space in between is a great place for storage.

You’ll find the list with all of these chores, and a few more ideas for summer, at

Download the list today and make this summer a great one at your house.

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  1. I record on TV everything you work on. I even get Chelsea’s video’s……I love your work. My husband and I got hooked years ago with, dang, I can’t remember his name. But always o a Saturday. We were hooked with DIY stuff with the home. Unfortunately Greg has COPD and being 100% disabled vet, those days are gone now. But I still do what I can.
    I still work but hoping to retire this year. I work for the local Police Dept. (28 Years-Admin). There’s always plenty to do on a house. I think once you finish, you move…….lol
    Most respectfully Helen Seymour


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