Spring Into the 4 Seasons Checklist

Homeowner Shannon Wade with Danny Lipford
Homeowner Shannon Wade with Danny Lipford

Using our 4 Seasons of Home Ownership spring checklist, we helped the Wade family reclaim and revive their favorite spot, the backyard deck.

In addition to repairing the deck, we made repairs to the skylights and gutters, added a downspout, demolished an old pizza oven, and created a fire pit.


  1. My house was built in 1911 and the floors are uneven. You can feel the pitch in them by rolling a ball on them. What can I do to fix them?

  2. WE have a older 2 storey older home built in early 1900, last fall I fell 18 feet to the ground,I was on a ladder holding a pece of siding for the guy who was helping me, put siding on the house, I need help as the stairs our headache for us , as we are both over 74 years old, plus WE had to put abed in our living room as we dont have bedroom on the main floor,there is two bedrooms upstairs, we are in trouble,plus the soffits, awning and down spouts, facaties, must be done, plus the whole main floor, we are both scared of heights. I broke my heel in many places, ankle, ligaments torn I will be in trouble for the next 2 years, till I get the bone spurs ground down, I try to do what I can, as we are pensioners, can u give me an idea what we can do. life goes on.

  3. I have been printing and giving to my new Home Owners a list of your 4 seasons checklist. I use it and explain to them that they can break their home maintenance into quarterly “bites” and it’s not overwhelming when you decide to sell because you have been maintaining everything along the way. Thank you!!!

  4. Hi, Love your show and feel like a visit whenever I can watch.
    Question. I am having windows replaced in my 100 yr old plus home. I love the old windows and would like to create a greenhouse/girl cave and wonder if you can give me some help. My grandson Paul is in a vo-tech program and we are talking about taking on the project with his school or with my grandson Luke.
    I have 5 children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. My husband of 54 yrs died shortly after my son Paul (father of Grandson Paul) a few years ago. The two Paul’s, father and son, always worked on projects together and just felt it would be wonderful to have my grandsons work on this project as a continuum of their passion.
    I wonder if this would be a project you would be interested in.
    I will look forward to hearing from you.
    Judith Youshock

  5. I’m really happy with this show that you are helping the Wade family. Was not mentioned if a single mom. But this is awesome if so and that you are doing this for this family. We single people tend to get forgotten and your shows are more of couples with nicer homes.


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