Spring Cleaning With a Purpose

Maintaining your home is a year-round job with no shortage of chores. That’s why we like to spread the work around and tackle things season by season.

We call this the 4 Seasons of Home Ownership. We worked with our friends at The Home Depot to come up with the “should do” and “could do” chores to make sure your home stays in top shape.

Close view of gutters and downspouts on a home with wood siding
Clear gutters and downspouts ensure rainwater flows off the roof and away from your home’s foundation.

Want to extend the life of your home? Then ask yourself these questions: Have you removed lint from your clothes dryer vent? Cleared leaves and debris from your outside AC unit? Cleaned your gutters and downspouts?

If not, go ahead and add these projects to your to-do list. This isn’t about spring cleaning for neat freaks — an outside AC unit free of leaves and debris runs more reliably and efficiently. Clear gutters and downspouts allow rainwater to travel from your roof and away from your foundation. A clear clothes dryer vent prevents your dryer from working overtime, which is a fire hazard.

All these chores help ensure that your home’s systems work as they should, which also should extend their service life.

Let’s face it, we often overlook some of these things, and we may never even think about doing them, so they get neglected.

Designer gardening tools with turquoise blades
Sharp gardening tools work more efficiently, effectively, and save you energy. (DepositPhotos)

When was the last time you sharpened your garden tools and made sure your wheelbarrow is in good shape? Trust us — you’ll appreciate both these things when you start spring planting.

And don’t forget to reverse your ceiling fans. The direction the fan blades spin affects air circulation — counterclockwise pushes air down, giving you a cooler feeling.

You’ll find the list with all of these spring chores — and a few more ideas — right here.

Download the list today and make this spring a great one at your house!


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