Fall is right around the corner, and now is the time to prepare your home for the cooler weather ahead.

Fall Home Maintenance Projects Include:

    • Clean Roof and Gutters: Use a leaf blower to remove any leaves, branches, and other debris from your roof and gutters.
    • Seal Up Cracks: Seal up the outside envelope of your home to prevent heated air from escaping and cold air from getting in by caulking any cracks. Seal gaps under exterior doors with the easy to install Double Draft Seal from Duck® Brand. To prevent heat loss through windows, apply Duck® Brand Roll-On Window Kits.
    • Service Heating System: It’s very important to have a heating professional, such as those from Carrier, inspect and service your heating system in the fall before cold weather arrives. Also, be sure to replace your furnace air filter regularly with a quality filter.
  • Back-Up Power: A portable generator, such as the Generac iQ2000, is a great way to provide power to your home in the event of severe weather. Since it’s both lightweight and quiet, iQ2000 is also perfect for outdoor activities, such as camping and tailgating.

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Danny Lipford: Hi, I’m Danny Lipford. I don’t want you to fall behind, and I’ve got some great ideas for some few little tips to prepare you for the colder weather ahead.

First of all make sure your roof is free of debris—cordless leaf blower is perfect for that. Don’t forget the gutters—clean those things out really well. And then seal the envelope of your home, so that you’re not going to have that cold air sneaking inside and robbing you of those energy dollars.

I would pay particular attention to your doors and your windows. And if you see a gap under your door—and a lot of people have them there and just don’t know it—then you can install a Double Draft Seal from Duck Brand. A lot of great weatherization products that are available there, including weatherstripping and a very popular Window Roll-On Kit.

Now, these are great do-it-yourself tasks that you can do very easily, but one task you want to leave to the professionals is the servicing of your heating system. Now, the guys at Carrier will be able to come out and make sure that your system is working efficiently and safely, so that you’ll have just what you need to keep you comfortable throughout the winter. They’ll also check and make sure that your ductwork is not leaking, because 30-percent of American homes right now, their duct systems are leaking.

So you get ahead of the game and get all these things done, then you can enjoy the game with a little tailgating. We’ve kind of set up a little tailgating scene here. And I’ve got a brand new gas grill I’m looking forward to using. A couple of electrical appliances—crock pot, got to have the blender out there, and maybe a television so that you can see what some of the other game scores are out there—but you can’t have this without a generator.

When you walk through the parking lot to some of these football stadiums, it’s so loud with all the generators. That’s because they don’t have one of these, this is the brand new Generac iQ2000. Listen to this one. That’s it, it’s running full speed.

Most of these cost about a 1,000 dollars, this one’s only 800 dollars, and it has all the power you need. A great innovation from Generac. Find out more at my website, TodaysHomeowner.com.

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