AC Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Perform the following regular maintenance to help keep your air conditioner running smoothly all summer long:

Service Air Conditioner: Have a HVAC professional clean and service your air conditioner each year before hot weather arrives.

Replace Air Filter: Replacing the air filter on your air conditioner every 1-3 months with a quality filter allows your AC unit to run at maximum efficiency.

Trim Shrubs: Prune any shrubs near your air conditioner compressor regularly to give the unit room to work.

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Further Information

Danny Lipford: If your house has air conditioning, and it’s pretty much a necessity here in the South, you’ll want to show it just a little bit of love before you start relying on it this summer. Now, they tell us to have a check-up every year at the doctor, well, the same thing is true for your air conditioning system.

You need to have a professional heating and cooling contractor come out to your house. And for a nominal fee, they’ll check your refrigerant levels and do some internal cleaning to ensure that it’s working as efficiently as it should. And it will also ensure that it’ll last as long as it should.

Now, there are a couple of things that you can do yourself. First of all, make sure you change that filter on a regular basis. And use a good quality filter. It’ll help your indoor air quality as well as, again, make your system work as efficiently as it should. The second thing is to make sure you keep all of the landscaping cleared away from your air conditioning compressor unit outside so that it has a little room to breathe.


  1. I am planning on getting my first house this summer and could NOT be more excited. Thanks for all these awesome tips!!! Noted about the A/C.


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