3 Super Bowl Watch Party Games Perfect for Your Children

Whether you love the Super Bowl for the game, commercials or food, your little ones may not be into the whole experience.

Don’t leave them hanging! Instead, here are some games that they can enjoy.


Tic-Tac-Toe — with its goal of placing three X’s or three O’s in a row before your opponent does — is a classic game. You can make a simple, but stylish, magnetic board to hang anywhere around the house.

Start with a 24-by-24-inch piece of galvanized metal from the hardware store. The galvanized surface must be etched before painting, so wipe it down with white vinegar, which is mildly acidic.

Once the surface is dry, apply a spray-on primer. We chose a dark, rust-colored primer since the topcoat will be chalkboard paint.

After the primer dries, roll on the first of two coats of chalkboard paint. The black paint might look blue while wet — don’t worry; that’s common for black latex paint.

To protect children’s hands from the metal’s sharp edges, build a simple frame from 1-by-2s cut to the metal panel’s outer dimension. Then nail the mitered corners together before painting the frame.

Buy lightweight wooden letters from a craft store for the tic-tac-toe board’s X’s and O’s. Paint them white to match the frame and attach self-adhesive magnets on the backs.

Once the frame and metal panel dry, secure them together from the backside with half-inch sheet-metal screws.


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