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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. One homeowner is concerned her furniture could turn on her guest. Listen to find out what she needs to do to make sure her chair legs don’t fall out from under her houseguests. Plus, a metal roof is a great investment for a home, and a listener from Minnesota knows this first hand. He needs to install a vent and needs advice on how to do so without causing any unnecessary holes. Danny and Joe explain the best ways to reroute the vent to prevent damage to his roof.

Listener Questions

Faulty Furniture
Regina from New York – “Dining room chair legs won’t stay on. Screws keep coming out and won’t keep the legs in place. I’m concerned my guest will get hurt.”

Peeling Paint
Rommie from Alabama “Our remodel included painting our whole house. We used good quality latex. It’s peeling in a lot of places. We tried to scrape, sand etc. It’s not coming off very well. Can you help us?”

Popcorn Predicament
Janice from Tennessee “What is the best way to deal with a popcorn ceiling?”

Rerouting Vent Project
Mike from Minnesota “I want to install a vent in the bathroom and doesn’t want to punch a hole in the metal roof. Any alternative way to route the vent?”

Unwanted Guest
Jessica from Michigan “I have a bathroom that was an attempted remodel. The only thing that is updated is the vanity. There are holes in the walls which leak outside air into my home, and it really causes a problem for me because my neighbor who is approximately 15 feet away from my house uses his fireplace in the winter and smoke comes into my home, and I have asthma. Is there a way to fix this on a fixed budget?”

Constantly Repainting… What can I Do?
Ken from Michigan “I have a home in Florida and I’m constantly having to repaint. Is there something I can do before putting on another coat to keep it from coming off?”

Simple Solutions

Fan-Drying Wet Sneakers — When sneakers and running shoes get wet, tossing them into a clothes dryer makes a huge racket and the intense heat can ruin the shoes by melting adhesives, damaging leather parts, and rupturing air-cushion pockets. Here’s a better, quieter way to dry wet shoes.

Best New Products

Multi-Job Reciprocating Saw – Once you own a reciprocating saw you begin to discover how many jobs it’s great for and wonder how you lived without it. So if you’re in the market, this Ridgid Cordless Octane Reciprocating Saw is a great one to consider.

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