Home Maintenance Chores to Tackle This Summer

Man in short sleeve shirt replaces AC filter in the ceiling
Change your AC filter to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently all summer long.

Our 4 Seasons of Homeownership checklists are a great way to stay on top of your home maintenance projects.

The summer list is now available, with help from our friends at The Home Depot, for must-do chores to keep your house clean and comfortable.

Listen to this special-edition Today’s Homeowner Podcast to learn all about our summer projects list!

  • [0:00]: Welcome to this special Today’s Homeowner Podcast: The 4 Seasons of Home Ownership, Summer Edition
  • [1:12]: We start with the “Top 10 Must Do’s” #1-Change AC & heating system filters
  • [2:57]: #2-Flush out AC drain line twice during the summer
  • [3:46]: #3-Check for loose railings or damage on wood decks. Repair if needed
  • [4:12]: #4-Inspect fencing & gates for damage. Repair if needed
  • [5:07]: #5-Thoroughly clean & inspect outdoor grill
  • [5:37]: #6-Clean all outdoor furniture
  • [6:23]: #7-Have fireplace chimney professionally inspected & cleaned
  • [7:07]: #8-Scrape any loose paint from siding & wood trim; prime & paint
  • [7:57]: #9-Clean all windows – inside & out
  • [8:37]: #10-Pull all weeds and add mulch to gardens & planting beds
  • [10:05]: If Time & Budget Allow #1-Clean grills and fan blades on bathroom exhaust fans
  • [11:13]: IT&BA #2-Inspect for cracks in foundation walls, driveways & sidewalks. Fill cracks with repair caulk
  • [11:31]: IT&BA #3-Repair cracks in asphalt driveway. Re-coat if needed
  • [12:02]: IT&BA #4-Clean & deodorize garbage disposal
  • [12:20]: IT&BA #5-Wash or replace shower curtain
  • [12:33]: IT&BA #6-Remove all heating registers (grills); thoroughly clean and replace
  • [13:32]: A Little Something Extra #1-Purge, clean and organize the garage. Schedule a garage sale if needed
  • [13:53]: ALSE #2-Inspect portable & home stand-by generators. Perform regular maintenance, if necessary
  • [14:20]: ALSE #3-Paint the front door a bold color or refinish existing stain. Add sealer to protect
  • [14:40]: ALSE #4-Organize one closet

Change your AC filter so your system operates efficiently.

1. Change AC & Heating System Filters

Regularly changing your HVAC system’s filters is important because a dirty filter will slow down and strain your system. It should take about 2-3 minutes to take out your old filter and put in a new one. Also, once your filter is out, go ahead and vacuum the cavity in case of dust build-up.

Make sure to flush out the AC drain line to prevent damage

2. Flush Out AC Drain Line Twice

Causes of your AC pan overflowing include excess water seeping into your home, resulting in more damage. So, a couple of times this summer, pour a cup of bleach in the AC line. It should cost almost nothing if you have bleach in your house already.

Check your railings for any weak spots

3. Check for Loose Railings or Damage on Wooden Decks

Wiggle your railings and check everything to ensure the structure is stable. If there are any loose areas, use coated deck screws to tighten any loose spots.

Replace your fence when you notice damage.

4. Inspect Fencing & Gates for Damage

Don’t wait to fix your fence! Check your fence and gates at least once a year to inspect for rotting, damage, and your posts’ sturdiness. Furthermore, be careful if using a string trimmer around your fence because it will eat wood.

Clean your grill to make sure it’s in good condition.

5. Clean & Inspect Outdoor Grill

Look closely at the bottom of your grill for water, rust, holes, and any other problems caused by drippings from hot liquid or embers. Clean your grill thoroughly between each use.

Make your outdoor furniture last longer.

6. Clean Outdoor Furniture

Regularly clean your outdoor furniture — especially if it’s wood. Check for any loose parts or rot (if it’s wood). If you have cushions, be sure to wash them. In addition, if your cushions get wet from rain, be sure to hang them out to dry on a sunny day to avoid mold.

Your fireplace will be ready for winter if you have it inspected this summer.

7. Have Fireplace Inspected & Cleaned

Have a professional inspect your fireplace and chimney. It will save you time during the winter because this task will have already been tackled before you need to use the chimney and fireplace. Also, there will be plenty of time to repair it if needed.

8. Scrape Loose Paint from Siding & Trim

Check for loose paint on your siding and trim. If repair is needed, scrape the loose paint off, sand if needed, and then prime the surface and paint it. If it’s an older paint, be sure to test it for lead as a precaution.

Clean your windows regularly so they sparkle.

9. Clean All Windows

With a squeegee and an environmentally-friendly window cleaner, clean your windows inside and outside. Soon, you’ll realize how much brighter it will make your home if you regularly do this.

Keep your plants healthy by regularly pulling weeds.

10. Pull Weeds & Add Mulch to Gardens

Remove weeds before they get out of control. Adding mulch will help prevent weeds from growing, and mulch retains moisture for instance. As a result, the ground doesn’t dry out and keeps your plants healthy.

Listen to this special-edition Today’s Homeowner Podcast for more home improvement tips!


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