Home improvements don’t stop for Valentine’s Day. In fact, that’s when they start heating up — literally! 

There are all kinds of ways to show love for your significant other or tackle a long-neglected honey-do list this time of year.

Best of all? These projects set the mood for the big day with your sweetheart and can improve your home’s energy efficiency and usefulness for years to come.

1. Turn Up the Heat

Smart homes make everything more convenient — including setting the right temperature so you and your significant other are comfortable and romance can blossom.

With just a tap on your smartphone or tablet, you can make your home nice and warm for a romantic dinner and date night. Just don’t look down at your phone during the actual meal. All eyes should be on your significant other.

Some smart thermostats are relatively inexpensive, setting you back at just $199. That’s a lot of money in the short run, but consider the money you’ll save down the line. These thermostats are easy to install. Many of them come with guides and links to web tutorials so you can follow the videos and complete the job yourself.

Look for smart thermostats at your local home center and online. Then, read reviews and ask friends about their experiences with a particular product before you make the purchase.

2. Add Ambiance

Hopefully, we’ve all moved past the Clapper! (If you recall, that is a leftover from 1980s culture.)

But if you want to set the mood for Valentine’s Day, upgrade your home with a smart lighting system.

Some systems include a hub you control with a mobile device.

Others have a light bulb with built-in Wi-Fi technology.

You can program the system to turn off lights when you leave or manually turn off lights with your smartphone — even if you’re still in the room. Some smart bulbs dim, change colors and create ambiance effects.

Pair smart lighting with LED light bulbs and save $200 a year on lighting. You can use the savings for more date nights.

3. Cozy Up to the Fire

A fireplace creates a warm, cozy feeling. But consider these facts before setting up for wine by the (real) fire:

  • Traditional fireplaces send 90% of the heat up the chimney. Basically, fires look nice but don’t effectively heat homes.
  • Items like newspapers can damage chimney flues and increase fire risk.

In my experience, a gas fireplace is ideal, as it keeps heat inside while providing beauty and simplicity. Click here to compare fireplace types.

4. Make Some Music

Nothing sets a romantic tone like music. But gone are the days of stereos and CDs.

Pair your phone and playlists with a wireless Bluetooth speaker for greater control. Carry one speaker around your home as the night progresses. Or set up several to play the same tunes in sync.

Find Bluetooth speakers online and locally. Then, read reviews to pick the right one for you.

Fast Facts About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day always makes February 14th the most romantic day. But why?

  • The word “Valentine” derives from the Latin term valens, meaning “worthy”.
  • In ancient Rome, multiple early Christian martyrs bore the name Valentine. But oral traditions single out one buried on February 14th.
  • Pope Gelasius I established the Feast of St. Valentine in 496 AD. He referred to Valentine as one whose “…name is reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God.”
  • According to legend, St. Valentine cut out his heart to give still beating to his mistress, proving unending love after she rebuffed him.
  • Ancient pagan fertility rituals also coincided with February 13th to 15th.
  • Today, over one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent yearly worldwide.

So, Should You Prep Your Home for Valentine’s Day?

Prepping your home for a romantic Valentine’s evening can be simple: adjust the thermostat, dim the lights, and play music. 

But if you’re planning an at-home dinner date, consider these upgrades before the big day: smart thermostats to remotely preheat your home, mood lighting, and wireless Bluetooth speakers for setting the music mood.

While not required, these convenient updates enhance Valentine’s Day’s atmosphere. If you’re already eyeing smart home upgrades, doing so with romance in mind is an added benefit.

FAQs About Preparing Your Home for Valentine's Day

Does my home need special decor?

Not necessarily. While decorative touches like flowers and candles can enhance the environment, adjusting lighting, temperature, and music to be soft, warm, and intimate does more than holiday knickknacks. Focus on ambiance over decoration.

Do I need a real fireplace for the atmosphere?

You don’t need a fireplace at all! Tabletop candles or faux fireplaces mimic the flicker for less cost. However, installing a gas fireplace does boost value and appeal while heating more efficiently. Opt for budget-friendly fire alternatives unless it’s already in your reno plans.

What smart devices increase romance?

Smart thermostats, lighting, and speakers best set the convenient Valentine’s Day mood. Consider smart plugs, too, for automating things like ambient lighting. Focus on versatile upgrades suiting your lifestyle rather than going overboard with specialty tech.

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