July Weather Channel Appearances

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Don’t forget to catch Danny on the Weather Channel throughout July for these exciting projects:

  • July 7th – Outdoor Lighting and Fans
  • July 14th – Tips When Moving Into a New House
  • July 21st – Bathroom Makeover
  • July 28th – Installing a Tile Floor


  1. Your show on the Weather Channel on 7/7 was great. My only question is do you have a model # for the light fixture that you could set to turn on at a certain time and go off at a certain time. We went to the local Home Depot after the show to look at it and they did not have one or even knew anything about it. We need help, that is the one we wish to get for our home.

  2. I think it was yesterday, July 17th about repairing the bootom of an exterior door frame by mixing something with caulk I can’t find anything on web site about that or I don’t know where to look. My daughter had old cedar siding removed to install ne vinyl & the window frames were damages & chiped

    Kris Taylor

  3. Kris,
    If the damage is not too far gone you may be able to use auto body filler (Bondo) to fill the damaged spot. It’s a two part-process involving a filler and hardener. First you’ll need to remove all the rotten material. Then, follow the instructions for mixing the auto body filler and apply the putty-like substance to the damaged area. A plastic putty knife works well to fill and shape the area. Sometimes, a second coat is necessary to adequately fill the space. It dries very quickly but can be sanded and painted. It works great when there no structural elements of the home involved.

    Best of luck!

  4. I will like to know the correct way to drain a water heater without causing any damage. I saw a episode with todayshomeowner on the weather channel today and didn’t get all the information.

  5. i need the name and where to purchase the acrylic block windows as shown in theshow onsunday 7/29/07 bathroom renovations.

  6. on one of your previous shows you had a tool for painting your deck.i think it was triangular shape and had a small brush underneath, to paint between the cracks of the wood. Thanks,Lana Bennett


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