Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Danny Lipford with daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf looking at Christmas tree.
Danny Lipford with his daughter, Chelsea Lipford Wolf.

The holidays are almost here! Before you become overwhelmed with planning for the arrival of out of town guests or hosting parties with friends, take some time now to get your house in shape for the busy days ahead.

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

Bathrooms receive a lot of use during the holidays, so make sure yours are in good shape before guests arrive. Start by giving your bathrooms a thorough cleaning to remove any mold and mildew, and check the drains to make sure they’re flowing freely. If not, use a flexible plastic drain stick to clean tub and sink drains.

Homax Caulking Tool KitExamine the caulking where the tub meets the shower surround to see if it needs to be replaced. If the caulking around your tub has seen better days, use a caulk remover tool, such as the one in the Homax Caulking Tool Kit to scrape out the hardened caulk without damaging the tub or tile.

After the old caulk has been removed, apply a bead of mildew resistant, 100% silicone caulk to the joint, and use the caulk finisher tool that comes with the Homax kit to smooth the caulking and force it into the joint.

To improve the look of your tub or sink, use Homax Porcelain Chip Fix to repair any dings on your sinks, tubs, or tile. Homax Chip Fix is an easy to use, two-part epoxy that works on porcelain coated tubs as well as ceramic or enamel surfaces.

Allen Lyle using smartphone to control porch light.

Make Your Home Smarter

The holidays are also a great time to make your home smarter and safer by installing energy efficient LED light bulbs and electrical outlets, such as those in the NuTone Smart Home Series Products, that you can control remotely from anywhere using your smartphone. They are easy to install and work with any compatible Z-Wave wireless communication hub.

NuTone Smart LED Light Bulb.NuTone Smart LED Light Bulbs can be controlled wirelessly to allow you to turn the lights on or off or dim them from across the room or across town from an app on your smartphone. You can also schedule your lighting to turn on or off at predetermined times.

By replacing one or more existing electrical outlets with NuTone Smart Wall Outlets, you can remotely turn on or off anything that’s plugged into the outlet, from a Christmas tree to a coffee pot.

Other NuTone Smart Home Series products include a garage door controller, wall switches, and appliances modules.

Turn Up the Heat on Home Projects

The Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch is great for tackling DIY projects and repairs around your home, from loosening rusted bolts and stripping paint to soldering copper pipes and brazing metals.

Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start TorchIt’s also perfect for making personalized craft projects for gifts, including adding a heat patina to copper and wood surfaces and soldering metals for jewelry making.

This versatile handheld torch is easy to use with one-hand ignition, an instant on/off trigger, and a continuous run locking button for extended use to make it the perfect torch for the do-it-yourselfer. The optimized swirl flame burns hot and efficiently for maximum heat output to get the job done fast.

The Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch has cast aluminum body construction for durability and is pressure regulated for consistent performance even when inverted or used in adverse weather conditions.

Watch Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Ready to find out more.


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