A Beachfront Thanksgiving

Greetings from the Crystal Coast! We’re down here at Emerald Isle, North Carolina, this week, and I’ll tell you what, the beach is a perfect place to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ve got family, friends, turkey, and pumpkin pie. We’ve also got sand, waves, dolphins, and rocking chairs. The weather’s mild and the island is nearly deserted. I’ve been reading, writing, walking, visiting, and eating, but honestly it’s hard to fit much in between naps.

My family has a tradition of eclectic Thanksgivings. We have our traditional family gathering on the Sunday before the holiday, leaving the long weekend open for whims, trips, friends, and adventures. We might be camping, or throwing a party, or eating out, or traveling. We might have a big to-do or not do much at all. I love these holidays – I never know what’s going to happen!

This year, we’ve got a beach house for the week, with more family arriving as the days progress. By Thursday we’ll have a house full for a blowout feast. In the meantime, as I said, there is a full napping itinerary – I’d better get back to it. Happy Thanksgiving to all, wherever you may be!


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