Sealing Up Cracks in Your Home Saves Energy

Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or simply facing challenges with maintaining your home, here’s a tip that can help.

To make your house as energy efficient as possible and help drive down those high utility bills each month, it’s important to seal every gap and crack around the perimeter of your home. Did you know that if you were to combine all those gaps found on the average house in the U.S., you’d have a hole about the size of one square yard! That’s why sealing them completely is so important.

    • Start by choosing a good-quality acrylic latex caulk or even a premium silicone.
    • Fill all cracks around windows and doors.
    • Make sure all weather stripping is in place and in good shape, or replace them, if necessary.
  • For openings too large to fill with caulking, such as around plumbing pipes or mechanical equipment lines, use the expandable foam you can spray from a can to fill the void.

This First Time Homeowner tip brought to you by Titebond, the Pro’s Advantage.

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