Sealing Cracks Around Doors and Windows

Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or simply facing challenges with maintaining your home, here’s a tip that can help.

Sealing gaps around doors and windows means more than just grabbing a tube of caulk. To really help eliminate those air leaks, make sure you look closely at any foam weather stripping and replace it if necessary. Most foam weather stripping can be found where the bottom of the window sash meets the sill and at the top of the lower window sash where it meets the upper sash. Most of these strips have adhesive backing, so it’s easy to apply.

For larger gaps around windows, pick up a package of rope caulk. It comes in rolls about 35’ long and presses right into the cracks to seal doors and windows.

Finally, examine door bottoms to make sure they seal tightly at the threshold. If you see any daylight peeking through, conditioned air can get out and bugs can get in! Specialty door bottom seals are inexpensive and can be used to eliminate those openings.

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  1. I have French Patio Doors that does not quite close properly allowing wind and the occasional gecko to get thru. What is the best way to seal this crack without replacing the doors?


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