Schlage Unites Brains and Brawn in Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

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Redefining what it means to be secure, Schlage unites brains and brawn in the new Touchscreen Deadbolt lock, putting the highest grade of security at your fingertips. The Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt, a 2013 Electronic House Product of the Year and Edison awards winner, is a strong, innovative lock that brings together the industry-leading home automation features of Nexia Home Intelligence*, the worry-free convenience of keyless entry, and protection of a built-in alarm, to create a lock like no other on the market. The multi-function lock offers keyless control using simple access codes, so you never have to worry about losing, hiding, carrying, or forgetting house keys again.

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock
Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

Every aspect of the Touchscreen Deadbolt was designed with your security in mind. Backed by more than 90 years of inventive Schlage design, the Touchscreen Deadbolt delivers an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade 1 security rating, the highest residential rating awarded on the market, as certified by Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA).

The Touchscreen Deadbolt can hold up to 30 unique access codes and is designed to support temporary codes for your convenience. Codes can be tailored to specific days and times of the week to provide home access only when scheduled, such as for cleaning service personnel. Depending on the current setting, the built-in alarm technology enables you to hear instantly when someone goes in or out, tampers with the lock, or tries to break into the home.

Keyless touchscreen control: faster, easier, more secure

The Touchscreen Deadbolt is specifically engineered to provide security and technology that complements your needs. There’s no need to worry about whether or not the door is locked, as the Touchscreen Deadbolt’s motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks when a user code is entered. Its lock-and-leave functionality requires only one touch to instantly safeguard the home.

Other features include a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen that ensures access code numbers won’t wear and become detectable after repeated use, a slim exterior escutcheon that prevents interference with storm doors, and an anti-pick shield that protects the lock against tampering.

Built-in alarm lock technology

Keeping your family safe, the Touchscreen Deadbolt is armed with built-in alarm technology, sensing a range of activity and alerting you with three different automated sounds for three different situations. For example, the Activity Alert sounds when it detects that someone is leaving or entering the house; the Tamper Alert sounds when the lock is being disturbed; and the Forced Entry Alert sounds after identifying significant pressure, such as a kick to the door, or a shove to the lock by someone trying to break in.

Nexia: Control locks and more from anywhere

Using the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System.
Using the Nexia™ Home Intelligence System.

Tapping into the latest technology, the Touchscreen Deadbolt connects with Nexia Home Intelligence, enabling you to manage your home security from anywhere in the world from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For example, you can unlock a door from work to let a dog walker inside, manage unique key codes and settings from the airport, or receive text alerts if a lock is activated or an alarm is triggered while you are on vacation.

With Nexia compatibility, you can also choose to control many additional home functions through you home, including heating and cooling, video surveillance, lights, shades, and whole-home energy usage.

The Schlage fully loaded deadbolt brings you serious features and control for everyday.

*The Nexia Home Bridge and the Standard Subscription Plan ($8.99 per month) allow you to add more than 200 compatible products to you system and connectivity with smartphone, tablet and computer devices. For more information on Nexia Home Intelligence and service, visit


  1. I like the Schlage keyless locks.
    My question is:

    Do I have to put a keyless deadblot AND a keyless door lock?
    If only a keyless deadbolt is used and the door lock remains, that means using a key for one and a touch pad for the deadbolt.

    None of the box adds show what to do with the other lock.

    So, What we do with BOTH locks?


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