Scamper into September

I love September – the fresh breezes, the welcome rain, the energy in the air as life kicks back into gear after a lazy summer.

As a veteran procrastinator, September always delivers a swift kick in the pants, as I realize that my clever excuses are no longer valid. “It’s too hot” (did you feel that breeze?), “it’s too dry” (hello tropical storm season), “it’ll be crowded until school starts” (two weeks ago), “that should wait until fall” (autumn equinox – Sept. 21), you get the idea.

Not to mention that the mountains, trails, beaches, and backyards are calling like sirens, promising intoxicating beauty, play, and rejuvenation and begging me to put off work for just a little while.

My calendar is always over-full in September, and I love every minute of it. I have too many things I want to do, and I wish the days were 40 hours long. This time of year, everything’s fun, as long as it’s outside, and the energy is contagious.


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