Save vs. Splurge

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Wise home improvement investments don’t have to be a trade-off for today’s savvy homeowners.

When it comes to home improvement, there’s no doubt homeowners will be pickier with their pocketbooks.

But not all home improvements are created equal. With that in mind, JELD-WEN, one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors, offers “insider tips” on where homeowners should look to save, and what features might be worth the extra splurge.

Where to Save

Bedroom with less expensive JELD-WEN door and window
Save: This room closely emulates the high-end look of its counterpart below, yet costs roughly 50 percent less. The closet features a JELD-WEN® Molded interior door and a JELD-WEN® Builders Clad-Wood Casement window made from pine that contains decorative grilles between the glass.

Materials make a difference. When it comes to windows and doors, experts say materials do make a difference. In general, for windows, vinyl will typically cost less compared to wood. Although, if you need to replace old wood windows, JELD-WEN offers replacement wood window sash kits that can be installed in existing wood frames and can be very cost-effective.

Good taste can come standard. Custom trim, style and hardware options will typically cost more. It’s always worth asking whether there might be a standard design option in an alternative material so a particular look can be achieved without sacrificing style. For example, JELD-WEN offers more than 100 panel designs as part of its interior door line, many that mimic classic and traditional solid wood styles, but cost far less.

Maintenance requirements can be the “X” factor. Save by looking for preprimed, prefinished options that can help reduce costs over the long run. For homeowners who don’t want to paint a wood window year after year, yet still want a customized look, JELD-WEN® Vinyl windows with EverTone exterior finish is available in eight attractive colors, such as Chestnut Bronze or Mesa Red.

Where to Splurge

Bedroom with more expensive JELD-WEN door and window
Splurge: This high-end room features a top-of-the-line window and interior wood door from JELD-WEN. The closet door is made from Douglas fir and the casement window is built from vertical-grain Douglas fir and simulated divided lites.

Don’t scrimp on style. Homeowners don’t have to pay big bucks to achieve a great look, but experts agree that if you don’t love the style or if it doesn’t fit with the character or architectural design of the house, it’s not worth the investment, no matter the price.

Go for major impact. Homeowners with limited budgets may want to put the majority of their dollars into areas that are going to make the biggest impact.

Consider performance features as well. For example, spending a few extra dollars on a
JELD-WEN® ProCore The Quiet Door® interior door to reduce sound may be worth the peace and quiet.

Little extras are well worth it. It makes sense to invest wisely in areas that will provide a strong payback. Cladding, which is essentially a prefinished metal layer for the exterior of wood windows, provides great weather protection and never needs to be painted.

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