Inexpensive Alarm Options to Keep Your Home Safe

Whole house alarm systems are the best way to keep your home safe, but they can be very expensive. Here are some inexpensive options to protect your home:

  • Exterior Motion Sensors: Motion sensors installed outside your home can be wired to turn on lights, radios or TVs inside your house. This can alert you to movement at night outside your home and give the impression that a vacant house is occupied.
  • Timers:Timers can be scheduled to turn lights or other devices on at set intervals. This is useful when your family is away at work or on vacation and you want to create the appearance of activity in your home.
  • Portable Motion Detectors: Battery operated, portable alarms are available that can be placed inside your home and sound when movement is detected. Entering a code is required to turn them off.
  • Individual Door and Window Alarms: Single location alarms are available that provide protection for specific windows or doors. One part of the device is attached to the frame of the window or door and the other part is secured to the window or door itself. The alarm features a magnetic seal that sounds an alarm when broken.
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