These DIY friendly video cameras operate using a motion senor and can record activity outside your home both day and night. They’re easy to install and can help make your house more secure.

  • Swann OutbackCam: This compact, self-contained, battery powered, weatherproof, motion activated camera is perfect for capturing video or still images of wildlife outside your home. Available at The Home Depot for $110.
  • Swann Guardian: This digital video camera and receiver is motion activated with night vision capacity and can be used to capture images both indoors and out. A wireless signal is used to activate a DVR recorder located inside your home to capture both color video and sound. Available at The Home Depot for $231.

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Allen Lyle: I’ve got a couple of exterior cameras here that I’m hoping will be a solution to a couple of problems to help my friend Bill here. Hey, Bill, how you doing?

Bill Parks: Hello Allen, how you doing, man?

Allen Lyle: Oh, good. All right, you got my curiosity up when you said, “Bring me some sort of trail camera.” What’s the story here?

Bill Parks: Well, when you live a little out in the country, like we do, there are all kinds of varmints around. And we try to have a little garden. Right now there’s just lettuce in there, but just the night before last the rabbits got in there and ate most of our lettuce.

Allen Lyle: Well, I think you’ll like this. This is brand new, it’s called an Outback camera. This is, what love about this, Bill, is the fact that you don’t have to have power to this – battery operated, it’s in a weather proof case, it operates only by motion sensors. So, it’s only when something comes by then it’s going to start activating. It’s got the infrared, so you got night vision, and it records everything right here. You can actually strap this to a tree, to a post, anything. It will find out.

Bill Parks: So it’s completely self-contained?

Allen Lyle: It’s completely self-contained. Everything actually records inside this. So I think this’ll solve the issue there. But beyond this, now, there was something that was of a little more concern?

Bill Parks: It’s the same situation. When you live in a partially rural area, you’re a little more concerned about security.

Allen Lyle: Right.

Bill Parks: And the way this house is built, of course we have neighbors that can see the front of the house. But back here, if anybody was going to break into this house or try to do something like that, I think they would have to come in through this back area.

Allen Lyle: Well, I would tend to agree looking around. Now, a couple of things here for you. I notice you’ve got flood lights over here and on this side. However, if they come in on this side, they’re going to bypass the lights. So that’s – again, we’re going to go to the cameras here. And again, here’s where we’re going to go to something wireless. If you’re shopping for one, and this is one I picked out for you because I think you’ll like this, this is digital now. The old cameras, Bill, you remember, I mean these cameras have been around for a long time. They used to work on analog, and you’d get all the lines. This, you get no interference. It’s all digital, wireless technology. It again, is in infrared lights. So it’s going to see anything in the dark, up to 32 feet in the dark.

Bill Parks: Sounds, great. I can’t wait to see how it works.

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