Call Before You Dig

You might not realize it, but there are thousands of feet of pipes, cables, and power lines buried only a few feet under your yard. Cutting into them can create all kinds of problems for you, your neighbors, and the utilities. Water can be disrupted and contaminated. Phones and emergency service, like 911, can be interrupted. Broken gas lines may explode. You get the idea. Always call before you dig!

So how do you avoid this? It’s as easy as three numbers: 8-1-1. This is the National Call Before You Dig number. Once you call this service, they contact all the utilities in your area and have them mark their lines with color-coded paint.

Once everything is marked, it’s your job to be sure you don’t dig too closely to the utilities. So, before grabbing the shovel, grab the phone and call before you dig!


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