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Schlage entry lock with built-in alarm.
Schlage entry lock with built-in alarm.

Keeping your family safe and secure is a high priority, especially as you move into your first home. Although many people install security systems, most alarms trigger too late — after an intruder has already kicked in the door. However, an alarmed lock is a new way to hear instantly what’s happening at your door, even before it’s been opened.

Schlage, a business of Ingersoll Rand and America’s most trusted brand in security1, has introduced the first and only residential door lock with a built-in alarm. The easy-to-install, battery-operated unit combines the security of a strong lock with the added safeguard of a sensor alarm that sounds the moment there is activity at the door.

“Our alarmed lock addresses both security and comfort needs. Instead of having a security system and a monthly fee, you can be alerted with a customized security solution that won’t gouge your pocketbook,” said Chris DeSchamp, Schlage Portfolio Leader.

Peace of mind at the door

Specifically engineered to detect vibration and motion at first contact with a door or handle, the alarmed lock comes with a choice of settings that can be changed either day-to-day or over the years as security needs evolve. The lock features alert settings and sensitivity levels within three alarm modes, all with the approximate loudness of a standard smoke alarm:

    Girl leaving house with Schlage entry lock with built-in alarm

  • Forced Entry Alert sounds a shrill, steady siren at first impact, making it ideal for nighttime use or when no one’s home. It will sound when a significant force pushes against the door, such as when someone is attempting to kick it in.
  • Tamper Alert sounds one long alarm when the doorknob or lever has been disturbed, making it perfect for monitoring either a main or secondary door, or for overnight use. It can detect even the slightest movement at the handle or lock, acting as a deterrent.
  • Activity Alert sounds two short beeps every time a door opens or closes, making it ideal for monitoring doors while people are home. For example, you can use it to monitor whether a small child, elderly parent or special needs person is trying to get out of the home, ensuring greater safety.

The alarmed lock installs with just a screwdriver and no wiring is required. It sells for around $99 and is available at, select The Home Depot stores,, and, and will be available later in 2012 at Lowe’s stores.

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1Research Now, independent research report funded by Ingersoll Rand, 2011


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