How to Install Smoke and CO Alarms in Your Home

Installing smoke alarm on ceiling.
Installing smoke alarm on ceiling.

How and where should I install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in my home? -Jim

Hi Jim,

Smoke alarms should be installed on or near the ceiling and away from corners in every bedroom and in other main rooms of your house. Since carbon monoxide doesn’t rise like smoke, CO alarms can be installed at any height. CO alarms should be located in or near bedrooms as well as areas with wood or gas fired appliances.

Test both types of alarms every month, and replace batteries at least once a year. To make sure the sensor is working properly, clean the alarms by vacuuming or blowing out any dust with canned air once a year, and replace them every ten years.

For more information on smoke and CO alarms, as well as other important tips on keeping your family safe, check out our Safe at Home episode.

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  1. I have a home with seven smoke detectors wired togeather with a/c power and 9 volt back up. Our home is nine years old and over the past two months we have been getting faulse alarms at midnight or later, but only at night. Do these units need to be replaced? Any thought to what might be causing this problem? Help Please!


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