Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel

Creating a kitchen that’s attractive but easy to keep clean is a goal for most homeowners but it’s especially hard for parents of young children. Kids seem to find away to get fingerprints on every appliance you own.

A textured finish refrigerator is certainly a start but if it’s time to replace your appliances, you may want to consider stainless steel. These usually have a higher price tag, but many homeowners prefer the look and low maintenance of stainless steel.

But to really battle fingerprints, make sure the stainless steel includes a mixture of nickel. Unlike ordinary stainless steel this composite material is virtually smudge-proof. While dirt and grime can accumulate on the surface they can easily be removed with a damp cloth. Then, at least once every other week, spray on a stainless steel cleaner to bring out the luster of the finish.


  1. I have a leaking facet that I have turned the water supply off too because of the amount of water it’s wasting and a toilet that slowly runs all the time. Would you give me instructions to fix these two items?

  2. milk ran down stainless steel freezer door on our GE profil ref ,and stained it .in trying to remove it, damaged sealer on stainless .Took off finish .how can I restore it

  3. I have stainless appliances that I splashed a floor cleaner on and it removed the finish. Sounds similar to issue Nicholas described. Is there something I can do to repair the finish?

  4. It is confusing to read the product manuals for the new smudge proof stainless micro, refrig, and gas range that I just received. I want to make sure I clean them the right way since they are smudge proof stainless. Each of the product books say, if you have Easy Care Stainless, do not use stainless steel cleaner, just water and soap. I have smudge proof stainless, isn’t that the same thing? The sales person said it is ok to use the cleaner and so did the set up delivery person. Lots of websites say it is ok to use the cleaner. So which is it?

  5. This is old, but I’d still like to answer Mary’s question for others. A stainless cleaner will not harm your smudge-proof stainless. I operate a professional cleaning business and have done a lot of research. A smudge-proof appliance either has a coating applied to the surface to prevent the oily smudges seen on early stainless appliances or contains a higher level of nickel. The nickel will not darken when it’s soiled and therefore, won’t show prints in the same way. Stainless steel cleaner is basically mineral oil. It will cover the steel with a uniform coating of thin oil, making the prints disappear. This also acts as a temporary barrier from new prints. It won’t harm a smudge-proof appliance if applied but isn’t necessary either.

  6. I washed winows with vinegar and water not it is like it took a finish off of them in spots as soon as they get a little dirty it is like there are water marks on them. Once i clean the eindows it is gone but always comes back. Where the marks are the glass feels different


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