Putting DaVinci Roof Tiles and Shakes to the Test

Holding a propane torch against a DaVinci polymer roofing shake.
Using a propane torch to test the fire resistance of DaVinci polymer roofing.

DaVinci polymer roofing is not only beautiful, with the look of real slate tile and wood shakes, they’re also put through rigorous testing to make sure they are resistant to fire, impact, wind, and extreme cold.

Watch this video to find out more.

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Allen Lyle: When you’re investing in your home, whether it’s new construction or renovation, you want products that will stand the test of time. That’s especially true of your roof. The roof is a crucial part of your home, and often a significant investment, so take the time to ensure the roof you choose will help keep your home safe and secure for decades to come.

The folks at DaVinci Roofscapes stand behind their polymer shake and slate roofing tiles because they’ve rigorously tested every aspect of the product in their laboratory. When they claim that their roofing tiles are fire-resistant, impact-resistant, wind-resistant, and impervious to freeze and thaw conditions, it’s because they’ve subjected their tiles to rigorous scientific tests. Take a look.

That’s pretty impressive, but you know what, I got to see for myself, so I thought we’d conduct some tests of our own.

One of the key attributes that sets DaVinci polymer tiles apart is their fire resistance. All of their tiles are Class A fire rated.

Now, especially in areas prone to wildfires, wooden roofs—they’re just a bad idea. Because of the concern for wildfire spread, some communities have made the decision that when it’s time to replace an old cedar shake roof, they do it with an alternative that won’t promote flame spread.

DaVinci cedar shake looks just like the real thing, but they’re much safer than real cedar.

Now, we’ve got a polymer tile right here from DaVinci, so let’s put it to the test with some flame, let’s see how it responds. We want to get it to flame up—not even holding a flame right now. Take it away—nothing.

You know if I did that to the real thing, look how quickly it flames up.

DaVinci polymer tiles are also impact resistant, and I’m going to check that out with one of their polymer slate tiles. We’re going to start with a baseball bat. Batter up! One more time. Not a crack in there.

Let’s step it up a bit. Still in great shape.

Of course cold weather makes materials like this brittle. And I’ve prepared a tile to test how DaVinci handles freezing temperatures.

I’ve had this roofing tile in the freezer for over 24 hours, and it’s cold. All right, so let’s say it’s freezing outside and a branch breaks out of a tree and hits your roof. Still in great shape.

I’ve got one more idea, though, meet me outside. We’re going to put this polymer slate tile to the ultimate test. Here we go. Look a there, just like new. That’s amazing.

DaVinci polymer roofing tiles. They’re put to the test so that your home will be safe and secure for decades.


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