Metal Flashing Asphalt Roof Shingle Repair

To repair a damaged asphalt shingle using metal flashing:

    1. Use a flat pry bar to break the seal on the damaged shingles.
    2. Cut a piece of metal flashing to size.
    3. Apply beads of roof cement to the top and bottom edges of the flashing.
    4. Turn the flashing over, slip it under the damaged shingle, and press down.
    5. Lift up the damaged shingle, and apply two more beads of roof cement to the top of the metal flashing.
    6. Press the damaged shingle into the roof cement.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Most homeowners are very reluctant to try some roof repairs themselves, but some of the minor roof repairs are very simple.

Joe Truini: When you have a roof shingle that’s been punctured or ripped by the wind—as this one has—you don’t need to replace it, all you need to do is repair it. Get a piece of galvanized metal flashing and a tube of roof cement.

First, get a flat bar, and pry up the shingles on either side of it and the entire damaged shingle. Then take the roof cement and apply thick bead of cement along the top edge of the flashing, and a narrower one along the bottom edge.

Then take it, slip it underneath—making sure to position it all the way up beyond the course above and on either side, covering the entire tab—press it down.

Then lift up the damaged shingle and put two more beads of roof cement—thank you, Danny. Then you press it down, and the repair is done.


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