How to Find — and Repair — Chimney Roof Leaks

Leaks around fireplace chimneys are common and can be hard to identify the source. Chimney roof leaks are usually caused by gaps or cracks between the metal flashing used to join the chimney to the roof and the chimney.

To repair chimney flashing leaks:

  1. Inspect the flashing for gaps or cracks.
  2. Apply roof cement to any gaps or cracks.
  3. Attach loose flashing securely to the chimney with masonry nails.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Danny Lipford: Barry asks, “We have a leak somewhere around our chimney but can’t seem to locate it. Any suggestions?”

Finding a leak on your chimney can be one of the most frustrating things you’ll ever do at your house, because there’s so many entry points.

But the vast majority of the time, the problem is with the flashing—the metal material that’s right around the base of your chimney that kind of integrates into your roofing, whether it’s shingles or other types. That’s where, a lot of times, the flashing will pull away a little bit, and you’ll have an entry point for that rain.

What you need to do is reattach the flashing anywhere you see any gap or crack, using nails or screws. Then grab a good quality exterior caulk and seal every little crack you can possibly find.

Also, a great idea is to dab a little on the nail heads or screw heads to make sure that rain doesn’t enter the house.


  1. Hello! I’m in need of a chimney leak inspection. I have moisture all along the same wall of the chimney inside the house and you can see water leaks inside the house where the fireplace mantel is located.
    I am disabled and live alone with not much help from others. I sincerely need help before my house is completely ruined. Please advise a reliable company to come and inspect. I’ve looked on the internet and seriously can’t really locate one in my area or I am looking in the wrong place?
    I am located in Stockton Ca.

  2. We have leaking around chimney area, only in the winter. Spring &summer rains do not cause leaking. Do you have any suggestions as to the reason for this and what can be done to get it corrected? Thank you

  3. We have a leak, coming from around the fireplace. The ceiling is stained and it runs down to a window and wall. Could it be coming from the bricks? We have had new flashing, replaced part of the shingles and even capped off the top of the chimney. Any suggestions? We really don’t know who to call to come look at it.

  4. We are buying a house which had breaking roof and causing leaking water to chimming leaking water into living roof, there is water stain on the wall. Is this very serious? How much for repair roughly ? Should I buy it?

    thanks with warm regard,


    • Hi, May! Thanks for writing to us. Looks like there are some AutoCorrect issues so it’s a little hard to follow along. Please re-send the question. 🙂


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