Roof with polymer slate tile roofing.
DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate tile roofing.

DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing tiles feature the authentic colors and natural textures of quarried slate and hand-split cedar shake.

DaVinci Polymer Roofing Features Include:

    • Natural looking textures and colors of real slate and cedar shake.
    • More durable than real slate or wood shakes.
    • Come in 50 different colors as well as custom colors.
    • Both slate and shake are available in single-width and multi-width styles.
    • Online Color Designer tool allows you to instantly see different colors.
  • Bellaforté tiles include integrated rain gutter, a leading edge tab, and a self-aligning ledge.

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Allen Lyle: When it comes to choosing a new roof, you’ve got a lot of options. But one company doesn’t just give you options, they give you unlimited options.

DaVinci Roofscapes creates polymer roofing tiles that feature the authentic colors and natural textures of quarried slate and hand-split cedar shake. But DaVinci tiles are more durable than real slate or shakes.

With its chiseled edges and natural stone-like texture, DaVinci’s synthetic slate tiles look like real slate. I’m telling you, I have been in the construction industry over 30 years, and from just this distance I can’t tell a difference.

Slate tiles come in single width and multi-width styles.

The 12-inch-wide single width tiles provide a clean, simple design. They also feature DaVinci’s proprietary VariBlend technology, which creates a continuous variation from tile to tile, making them look even more like real slate or wood. VariBlend is available on all single-width and the Bellaforté line of slates and shakes.

On the other hand, multi-width tiles—like these—will give your roof a more natural, non-repeating look. They come in 50 different colors, allowing you to create a wide array of color blends, using up to five colors in a custom blend you can create. These are available in five widths—between six and 12 inches—and can be laid in a straight or staggered pattern.

When it comes to synthetic shakes, DaVinci gives you just as many choices.

DaVinci shake look like real cedar, with amazingly realistic wood tones—ranging from the color of brand new cedar to subtle, weathered grays and browns. The shake also come in the single- and the multi-width styles.

The nine-inch wide single-width shakes provide that nice, clean look we saw earlier. While multi-width shake can be installed in either a straight or staggered pattern to give a more natural look.

All DaVinci products are made right here in America. And their Bellaforté line of slate and shake tile feature this integrated rain gutter, a leading edge tab, and a self-aligning ledge. All of these are great features for a fast installation and a long-lasting roof.

Easy to install and environmentally friendly, Bellaforté tiles are available as 12-inch shakes or slate. The rough-hewn shake come in several profiles to simulate a multi-width, staggered appearance.

Whether you go with slate or shake, single- or multi-width, straight or staggered, DaVinci offers roofing tiles in 50 standard colors. Just imagine the color combinations.

The color experts at DaVinci have devised several standard color blends for each style of tile. Blends range from classic to regionally specific.

DaVinci makes it easy to keep all these choices manageable with their online Color Designer tool. Just select either slate or shake polymer roofing and instantly apply different colors to your selection.

Now, if you can’t find your perfect color from one of DaVinci’s 50 standard colors, they will create a custom color from just about anything you can send them. I heard one lady sent a sample of her curtains, and they matched it perfectly.

Once you’ve chosen your style, sizes, colors, and patterns; DaVinci ships the tiles in bundles pre-sorted by color and size. I’ve been on many roofing jobs, and let me tell you, the presorted bundles eliminate a lot of sorting and guesswork on the job site.

Seven styles, 50 colors, plus custom colors, dozens of blend combinations, and multiple installation options. I’d say that’s just about as close to unlimited possibilities as you can get.

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