How to Vent a Range Hood Through the Roof

Kitchen range hood.
Kitchen range hood vented through roof.

I have a range that is located against an outside brick wall in a one-story kitchen with a flat roof. To avoid going through the brick wall, can I vent the hood straight up through roof? What sort of cap would I use that would prevent insects from entering but would still operate properly in a strong wind or with a heavy snow load? -John

Hi John,

Yes, you can vent a range hood through the roof using a 6” single wall pipe.

You can buy the proper flashing to install it on a flat roof and a roof cap that has screen around it to prevent insects from entering.

Be sure to extend the pipe up at least 2’ to 3’ above the roof to prevent snow buildup from causing problems.



  1. When roof venting with over the range hoods, if you use high CFM’s are they noisy? The higher the CFM’s , the higher the noise? I saw a comment somewhere also that not all CFM usage is the same. IE: say using 600 CFM in one instance may not be the same as using 600 CFM in another instance. We will be rising above the hood vent apprx. 15 ‘…how do we calculate how much CFM is needed?

  2. I have a new microwave installation with the under unit stove top vent mechanism. It’s installed and I have the duct extended into the attic. Can I, rather than cutting another hole in my roof, run a flexible line over to the existing roof turbine (not electric style) and fasten it there again rather than cutting holes???

  3. hi,
    I have no outside vent in my kitchen and we are going to install a microwave and use the vent in it and duct I out through the roof. I need instructions on how to do this!!!!! Help please!

  4. Do you recommend installing a particular brand of roof vent for my range that will exhaust from the range, but prevent cold air from seeping back into the kitchen on windy days? Our current vent allows air to blow back through our kitchen hood.

  5. I have not seen any articles so far about venting through a 2nd floor +attic to roof. Would it be better to do a sidewall vent?

  6. My range hood was vented through the roof but is not centered over the range hood. As a result, it looks awful from inside the house, since it abuts a beam that runs across the kitchen ceiling. I would like to have the range hood vented straight up rather than angled, as it is, but have been told the roofers made the hole about a foot to the right of center because there were two beams interfering with the pipe insertion, and they were too lazy to deal with them. Is it possible to insert the pipe straight up and centered above the range hood, as I would like it to be? If so, how would they do it? Thank you!

  7. We have a high output gas range and the microwave range hood is not enough to keep up with the rigors of cooking on this range. I want to install a ducted range hood with adequate cfm but the wall to install it on is an interior wall. My garage is on the other side of it. Was curious how to vent this to the outside and if there were length restrictions on duct work. I would have to run about 25-30ft or so of ductwork to vent it to the outside. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

  8. We have a gas range built into a center island with a downdraft vent that doesn’t vent well. We would love to install a vent hood, but don’t know how to vent it. Right above where our range is, is a upstairs bedroom, which prohibits going through the roof. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  9. I am remodeling a kitchen and adding a range hood. Where the gas is located from the stove is 12” from the now sealed chimney. Can I run the range hood venting up against the unused chimney and go straight up to the roof? Not sure how close another vent can be.

    • Hi, Dana,
      Sounds like quite a project! We have forwarded your question to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show’s producer.
      He will contact you soon to discuss featuring it during an upcoming show.
      Take care!

  10. My stove top vent has a good draw but it seens that after an hour or so my house is filled with the smell of what i have cooked, especially if I have fried food.


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