Whether you are buying a home or having work completed on your existing home, you may have heard the term soffit. This term means ‘something fixed underneath’. The roof of the home will extend over the walls, creating an overhang. The underside of the overhang of the roof is known as a soffit when it is given a finished appearance. Every home needs one and it can be created from a number of materials including wood, fiber cement and more.

Why is a Soffit Needed?

The main reason a soffit must be installed in the home is for ventilation. The soffits will cover the underside of the roof, which will include the attic space. Heat easily builds up in an attic over time, which can happen due to the sun’s rays or from energy rising up within the home. If this heat is not properly ventilated or air flow is not allowed to take place, it can create a superheated roof.

This can lead to shingles breaking down at a faster rate and ice dams can be created during the winter months, which can lead to water leakage in your home. When you have an overheated roof, it can also create higher energy bills. Ventilation is needed to ensure proper airflow within your home as well as ensuring that no overheating is taking place.

A second reason to install a soffit is for aesthetics. The finished appearance of the soffit creates a visually appealing exterior. If the soffit was not in place, when looking up, you would see the underside of the overhang of the roof, which is not visually pleasing. When installing a soffit, you can choose from a variety of colors and materials to meet the style and look you are going for within your home.

Soffits also help to protect the underside of your roof from the elements. When installing a new soffit for your home, be sure to use quality materials. Have the soffit installed correctly so you can benefit from the installation aesthetically, with proper air flow and protection from the elements for your home.

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