Shingles are the first and important layer of a home’s defense and protect you against extreme and inclement weather that can be pose danger to the people you love the things you hold dear. New roofing provides you with the opportunity to slash cooling costs while improving the curb appeal of your home, which is excellent. The latest innovation in roofing products is probably the Class 4 roofing shingles. 

What is Class 4 Impact Resistance?

Note that all roofing products have to go through rigorous testing. Independent and nationally recognized laboratories perform these tests to provide assurance that product performance meets its specifications. These laboratories rate impact-resistant roof coverings as Class 1, 2, 3, or 4, and Class 4 is the most durable.  

For roofing shingles to receive this Class 4 rating, it has to go through rigorous testing. Keep in mind that during the Class 4 impact resistance test on shingles, a steel ball with a diameter of two inches is dropped from 20’ onto the roof shingle in order to simulate the effect of hail. And this is done two times in the same spot. Also, the process is repeated on six different spots.

Only those shingles pass the test that do not show any visible signs of tearing, cracking, fracturing, splitting, rupture, or some other opening of the roof-covering layer. By purchasing roofing products that are Class 4 rated, you will have a low risk of damage after a storm or hail event where debris makes contact with the roof. With Class 4 metal systems, your roof will likely remain stable and watertight even if there is storm damage.

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    Initial Cost vs Long Term Benefits

    Cost of Impact Resistant Shingles

    When it comes to cost, note that Class 4 impact resistant shingles can cost you 10% to 25% more than normal asphalt shingle. While they cost more, impact resistant Class 4 shingles tend to pay for themselves in the long term because of reduced maintenance costs as well as prevention of premature roof replacement.

    Improved Lifespan

    In terms of durability, class 4 shingles are the most durable and sturdy shingle in the industry. Remember that your shingles are your roof’s first and most important line of defense. A class 4 roof with intact or undamaged shingles is much better protected than other shingles. When compared to normal shingles, impact resistant shingles have a more granular adhesion as well as superior weatherability.

    Why are Impact Resistant Shingles a Good Investment?

    Cracking and Water Damage Prevention

    Each Class 4 shingle has proven that it can withstand the extreme force of a steel ball of two inches dropped from20 feet without cracking.  With a standard shingle, ruptures and cracks will appear from that type of impact. However, with Class 4 impact resistant shingles, there are no tears or splits and hence, no water damage.

    Long-Term Cost Savings

    Did you know that many companies provide discounts to homeowners whose roofs are covered with Class 4-rated shingles? This means considerable cost savings in the long run.

    Although these shingles are more expensive compared to other classes of roofing material, the savings against peeled or punctured shingles are more than the initial costs of buying and installing class 4 impact-resistant shingles.

    Increased Resale Value

    As class 4 shingles have increased damage and water resistance, homeowners who install these shingles not only considerably reduce their roofing maintenance expenses but may also eliminate premature roof replacement altogether. This can add to a home’s value at the time of resale.

    The Best Class 4 Impact Resistant Material

    Synthetic, Composite Shakes

    Composite tile offers the same beautiful and elegant look as conventional clay and concrete tiles but with the amazing benefits of a lightweight and durable synthetic roof tile material. You can install this composite roofing material in cold as well as warm weather climates without any worries of cracking from frost, freeze, or hail. Composite tile is an excellent alternative to natural slate and traditional Spanish clay tile.

    3 Unique Styles

    1. Slate

    You can enjoy the durability and beauty of natural slate with several benefits of composite roof tile. And the best part is that composite synthetics are more economical than other products on the market.

    2. Cedar

    Synthetic Cedar Shake roofing combines the rustic split texture of genuine cedar with the amazing benefits of a composite roof material that will last you a long time.

    3. Barrel

    Synthetic Barrel Tile is amazing as it eliminates the need for costly structural support, decreasing your roof maintenance cost considerably. 

    Choose a High-Performing, Impact-Resistant Shingle

    When you choose impact resistant shingles, you can be certain that you are sheltering your loved ones and family under some of the sturdiest and most durable shingles in the industry.

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