Bathroom Makeover: From ‘Mellow Yellow’ to Wow!

Yellow tub and shower
This yellow tub is totally ’70s, and it just doesn’t provide the farmhouse feel that homeowner Cindy wants.

Cover Up the Tub

Refreshing the dated tub is much easier with help from James Cole at Bath Fitter. That’s because instead of destroying the vintage cast-iron tub, they’re basically placing a tub over a tub.

The Bath Fitter team measures the current tub and matches its size with one of their molds. The team drops in a template skin based on the measurements to make sure they’ve got the right mold, and it fits like a glove, so they’re ready to get to work.

They apply primer and adhesive, and then cover this bath in just six hours. This whole process is eco-friendly because all the original tiles and the tub remain — nothing’s going in a landfill!

While we’re working on this bathroom’s revival, we share a little cleaning secret with Cindy: a great way to make sure your bath and shower stay clean is by using Wet & Forget Shower spray. You can spray it all around your bathtub and shower, let it sit overnight then rinse it clean. The spray not only cleans, but it helps prevent buildup of dirt and soap scum.

Tub and shower after remodel
Didn’t Bath Fitter’s team do a great job of reviving this formerly ‘Mellow Yellow” bathtub and surround?

Yellow bathroom with dated vanity and cabinets

Refresh the Vanity

Cindy wants her vanity to be 35 ½ inches high, so we’re attaching 2-by-4’s to the walls around the vanity and we cut its face from a 1-by-6.

The vanity’s new countertop looks so much like natural stone, you have to touch it know it’s not! We glue it, along with the back and side splashes into place.

Then we remove the faucet from the old sink and install it in a nice, new, white sink.

We cut around the old drawer fronts so they’re flush with the sides and bottom; we then paint some new drawer fronts and screw them on top.

New bathroom vanity after remodel
You have to touch this countertop to know it’s not really natural stone!

Post-Production Thoughts

Danny Lipford, Chelsea Lipford Wolf and Ronnie and Cindy McCarson
“Today’s Homeowner” hosts Danny Lipford and Chelsea Lipford Wolf, with homeowners Ronnie and Cindy McCarson.

Cindy’s bathroom was stuck in the 1970s — the floor and vanity were dated, and the tub was yellow.

Now their bathroom looks like the modern farmhouse style that Cindy’s always wanted.

The gray, wood-look ceramic tile adds a touch of rustic to the otherwise clean, contemporary look.

Raising the vanity has made it more convenient, but the new doors, countertop and sink have made it fabulous.

The ugly yellow tub is hidden by the clean white lines of its 21st-century successor, giving this old bathroom new life.

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  1. Could you please tell me, what did you use to make the new countertop? It all looks lovely! Also wondering about the approximate cost of having the bathfitters do that to a tub?

    Diane Carlson

    • Hi, Diane,
      We’ve received many comments about this countertop! It’s laminate made to look like granite. 🙂
      Bath Fitter’s transformations vary in price, so an estimate for this project would not necessarily apply to another project.
      Your best bet is to get a free in-home consultation for a quote that matches your home’s unique situation.
      You can sign up for one here:
      Thanks for your questions!

  2. I love watching the Today Show with Danny and Chelsea and get some project ideas.
    Will, we are retired and we bought a ranch house as we are getting older. However, I have an outdoor project in mind which is too big for me to handle. If Danny and or Chelsea contact me it is greatly appreciated. And we moved to Staunton, VA a year ago.
    Thank you so much.

    • Hi, Thelma,
      Thanks for watching our TV show! We receive a high volume of comments and can’t place individual phone calls, but would be happy to direct you to our online resources.
      Please elaborate on the project you’d like to tackle so we can further assist you with our DIY guides.
      Or you can contact Danny directly to ask questions about your project on The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show:

  3. I used to watch Today’s Homeowner on TV, but now I can’t find it. Is there a way to find the time & network for it now?

  4. Just caught the end of the episode. We are interested in freshening up our bathroom cabinets. What was the brand and type of paint used to paint the cabinets?

  5. Love the redo on the vanity. I have one like it, low and dated. I’m going to update it using your idea, and save some money! I would like to know if this episode is available to stream? I watched it at 5 am in my area, and it’s a little tough to focus at that hour, LOL. Thank you for your great ideas for home improvement 😀


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