Repeat Customer

This afternoon, I stopped by my favorite local hardware store to pick up some supplies for this week’s bird feeder project. I LOVE this hardware store. I’ve been in there so many times (sometimes multiple trips in one day), that when I walk in the door, someone always yells, “Hey Julie! Whatcha working on today? How’d that drainpipe/concrete/bathtub/landscaping/kitchen/attic/front door project work out?”

I have yet to pay a visit when I didn’t walk out with exactly what I needed, complete with detailed instructions, solid encouragement, and a pleasantly low price tag.

Today, I was teased for only buying birdseed. “Come on, now, I thought you were working outside today!” they said. It was one of the few days I didn’t walk in filthy-muddy or with some wild-eyed scheme involving half a ton of concrete. It was a civilized visit, something that is a welcome change from time to time, even for the most do-it-yourselfest of do-it-yourselfers.

As the spring gears up around here, I look forward to a lot more visits to my little store. I have all sorts of projects lined up, like a small vegetable garden, a drainage system for my basement, two stone walkways, and the continuing finishing touches on the house itself. They’ll see me buying a whole lot more than birdseed soon enough!


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