How to Remove Moisture from Double Pane Windows

Replacing fogged glass on double paned windows.
Replacing fogged glass on double paned windows.

My house is 35 years old and the double pane windows are original. A few of them have begun to lose their seal and are taking on an almost opaque look. I’ve heard that I can have a professional put air in and reseal these windows? Any credence to that? -Kristen

Hi Kristen,

As double pane windows age, moisture can breach the seal and condense between the layers of glass. When this happens the seal can’t be repaired, and your best bet is to remove and replace the glass.

To find out more, check out our article on How to Replace Double Pane Insulated Glass and watch our video on How to Replace Insulated Double-Pane Glass Windows.


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  1. Do you have any recommendations for the removal and refinishing of moisture stained wood on the inside of a Kolbe double pane aluminum clad casement window ? The moisture is from condensation from cold weather .It has turned the wood black over about a 3 inch long area in the corners of the window .

  2. Hi Danny,

    Our house is 5 years old and we are having a problem with a window in our bedroom. I dont know what brand of window it is, but it’e the kind that the bottom opens in so that you can clean it and the top part will lower. Something is wrong with the tracking in the bottom part of the window. It’s very hard to raise and there is a scraping noise. I cant seem to find one that looks like it. Can you help or have any suggestions as to what might be wrong? Thanks!

  3. Danny,
    The birds in our neighborhood have been hitting our double paned windows and it appears they have been damaged. There may be condensation in between the panels, there is an area that has a yellow tinge to it.

    What do you recommend we do about this?
    Thank you for your help.

  4. Dear Danny: We have an all brick home, built in 1956. It has double pane windows in it, and they sweat terribly in the winter when it reached aroung the freezing mark. Condensation forms on them, these are the wooden frame variety. Any suggestions for the cure, they have no cloudiness, or opaque signs, cannot feel any air around windows, some are even caulked shut to the frames, as these are never opened, Thank You, F.W.

  5. Dear Danny: We have an all brick home, built in 1956. It has double pane windows in it, and they sweat terribly in the winter when it reached around the freezing mark. Condensation forms on them, these are the wooden frame variety. Any suggestions for the cure, they have no cloudiness, or opaque signs, cannot feel any air around windows, some are even caulked shut to the frames, as these are never opened, Thank You, F.W.


    • Angela,
      It’s probably due to condensation from the extreme difference between the inside and outside temperatures in New England. I assume your French doors have insulated glass. If not, adding another layer of glass (use tempered glass for doors) mounted in a frame and attached to the door may help, as would reducing the humidity inside your home. See our article on how to Cure Sweating Windows for more information and ideas.

  7. Dear Danny,
    I just replaced my old moistured double pane windows to new ones. However, I see these faint stripes from the sides.
    Is that normal? Other double pane windows are nothing like that. What should I do? The glasses are 102 x 68 and they’re pretty big. The cost was pretty expensive too. I don’t like to have moisture again in the near future. What shoud I do?

  8. # Stephanie Bell Says:
    July 15th, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Dear Danny,
    My question is this. I live in California and I made the remark at work the other day about putting the thin heat reflective sheeting on my double paned windows. One of the guys told me not to do it because it could blow out the seals from the build up of heat. Is this possible? I’m trying to lower my bills and keep it cooler. Can I go ahead with the job or am I looking for trouble down the road!

  9. We have just installed (2 weeks ago)the low E double pane argon gas windows and have noticed some windows fog up. To further explain, we have 2 sets of windows on the same side and 3 of the 4 panes fog up with one remaining clear. Is this common or should we be concerned there is a leak of gas from the ones that have fogged up? The moisture is on the outside and we don’t keep our AC extermely cold 78 is our temp. We do live in Houston and deal with humidity but our single pane windows didn’t fog up. Comments? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Sam,
      If the condensation is on the outside of the glass (rather than between the panes), the problem isn’t with a ruptured seal; or, if it is, the condensation just hasn’t had time to show up between the panes yet. I find it surprising that they fog up on the outside since the old single pane glass windows didn’t, as the better insulating qualities on the new windows and argon gas should keep that from happening. It’s even odder that one of them doesn’t. I would be concerned and check with the manufacturer and/or installer to see what the problem might be. Let us know what you find out.

  10. I just fixed 12 windows in my home by myself using a kit from

    It was a breeze and fairly inexpensive at ~$100.

    Better than paying $1000+ to have someone else do it.

  11. Reply to Sam Hext’s question.

    We too purchased and had installed two new Jeld Wen LOW E Argon double pane windows and they are installed perfectly. The first night there was condensation on the right half of the windows,,( not the opening side). We have contacted Home Depot and they are supposed to send out a Jeld Wen rep to get in touch with us. Hopefully we will have an answer soon

  12. Jeld Wen called today
    We should have a visit from a Rep this coming week

    ON the phone they said ” interesting” LOL!

    So We will keep you posted

  13. We spoke to the Jeld Wen Rep today Thursday October 1/09
    They say” that when condensation forms on the outside of your window only,,,and not on the movable part of the slider then its working properly.
    They say Dew point and temperature has a ton to do with it.

    The warm air inside is not escaping out anymore and thats why the window condensates when the Dew point is higher than the inside temp.
    Believe it or not “LOL

    So thats the story from them

  14. Danny,
    My mom has a terrible moisture problem with her double paned windows. It seems that only the metal frame sweats, but it is so bad that water puddles in the window. It seems to be getting worse, and doesn’t appear to be any different with temperature change in the house, or the degree of humidity. Any suggestions? Please advise! Thanks, Renae

  15. Hi Danny,

    I bought a new house from Drees homes around 4 yrs ago. Two of the windows show mold like growth within the glass layers. Seems like the seal is broken. Is it not covered under warranty ?

  16. danny
    just found your site we had a freak storm blow through our neighbor hood and it had huricane force winds with large hail (denver) I have several window condensating now and the insurance company wants to take them apart and clean them like what you are telling everybody hear about the rest af the windows in the house need the glazing replaced so they are going to be taken apart to replace the glazing even though they are not condensating which just dosent sound right to me but this is the insurance company you think this little vinal strip should be able to be replaced without sarificing the intact seal now how do I figure out if these windows had gas in them the insurace company told me that almost all windows dont have any kind of gas help needed in denver

    • Hi Kirk,
      Sorry to hear about the damage to your windows. If the insurance company is covering it, I would opt for replacing the glass rather than trying to clean between the panes. Make sure the new glass comes with a good warranty, has argon or krypton gas between the panes, and a low-E coating suitable for your climate to save energy.

    • Hi Leonardo,
      If you have condensation between the panes of insulated glass, your options are: live with it or replace the glass. I don’t know of a DIY way for you to clean between the panes yourself. Good luck with your project!

  17. We have a house that is very well insulated and it doesn’t matter what we do to get the moisture out it’s just not possible. Our dehumidifier runs constantly and we run exhaust fans all the time. Any suggestions?

    • Dehumidifiers are a bit of a con!.Fresh air is constantly sucked into your home one way or another and it holds MORE
      water thats why you are having to run it constantly! Soon all the air of our planet will have passed through your house!
      Try open windows and vents and, put heating on if needed.The exhaust fans are just creating more space for more air to enter and more work for the dehumidifier,its a loosing system!
      Hope this helps.

  18. yes we live a moblie home in ontario canada and we have not so old windows that was recextly but in.
    there are for panel they are slide but i find the outside ones fog up on the inside can you please tell me how i can help this stop.

  19. Danny,
    I need to replace my 30yr old double pane windows. The builder used panels that are the same size as a standard sliding glass door. They are are stick framed in and should be easy to replace. My question is where can I purchase insulated and tempered glass panels like this?


  20. Danny,

    I the seals located inside of the double pane transoms have fallen form the frame. what is the most ecconomical way to correct this?

  21. Danny, I Purchase some window that used to be in a hotel and my problem is how do i take them a lose they are double pane window and they are insulated and they are seal or course they need cleaning how do i remove them without breaking them.

  22. danny
    i just bought a waynehome this past feb.this past summer i notice the top half of all the double pain windows sweat on the out side.window people come out and look at them they tell me they r nothing wrong with the windows.waynehome people told me they dont know bothers me because you cant look out the top half of the windows in the summer due to moister on them.

  23. Danny,
    Our home is nine years old, and we have a question we would like to get some help from you, and some advise.
    We have a small window, above our front door that is 59 inches in width to 8 inches top to bottom!
    I noticed that the seal is showing inside of our double pane window, and with washing the window with the hose, it has now moisture in it. Hopefully it can be fixed without taken it out and putting in a new window. It would be very costly for us to do this.. I read in the computer that maybe it can be fixed with a tiny hole that can be maded at the corner of the window. Thank you, for your responds and hopefully you can help us.

  24. We’ve recently had double pane windows installed in a section of our home. I’ve found that rainfall or watering which falls on the glass leaves streaks over most of the glass on the outside. Tried to clean using Windex and the soap and water. Doesn’t have any effect. Is this normal? How to clean? It’s really very apparent and unattractive looking out from the inside. Thanks.

  25. The windows in my seven-year old house (I bought from someone)has air leaks around the windows. The fuzzy stuff (don’t know what else to call it) in the track where the window raises and lowers seems to be worn permitting this air flow. I have no idea what brand windows they are. Is there anything I can use to repair these tracks? I currently have masking tape around the edges of the windows.

  26. I have moisture between one of my double pain windows. I’ve heard that a small hole can reduce this moisture. Is this true?

  27. I have a customer with a 10 year old beautiful home in Okc. A hail storm blew through here in late May. The insurance company is replacing their roof. But they refuse to replace three windows across the wall of their Dining Room. These windows are, double paned single operators and tempered per building code. Their size is 3’x 6′, making the glass extremely flexible during a storm. It is my opinion, that during the storm’s build up, the atmosphere was super heating and also heating the glass and the air between the panes, causing the glass to flex and etch against the seals. When the hail slammed against the glass, it caused all three windows across the same wall to fail at the same time, during this single event. Your article is correct that eventually you will have one or more windows fail in your home. The odds of three consecutive windows failing at the same time, has got to be caused by the storms effect on the windows. I would love to know your thought.


  28. We just bought a house (7 years old) and it’s summer so we don’t know about condensation yet but…we have cleaned many of the windows inside and out and they appear to be dirty on the inside. What can we do?

  29. I have condensation between my double paned windows I own a condo in Il the mgt co says i need to repair them who do i call to have the glass replaced and what would be the aversge price per window i have 3 windows and am on a limited budget as i am 78 years old

  30. Hello,
    This is a 7 years house & the 10 windows are the same age. The company name between the glass marked: “Decora Window & Door Systems 2006”. Now all these 10 windows are have water/moisture between the glass. I am really much appreciated if you can give your expertise advise what should I do? I have no idea what so ever. I called a few company and they told me that I should replace all these windows which is alots of money I have to spend. Please help me and thanks in advice and I hope to hear from you soon. Anyone well come to give me some advice that would be appricated.

  31. Why hasn’t anyone invented a window do it yourself kit to remove convensashion from inbetween windows .as it is so expensive to have the glass removed and replaced

  32. We have fogged glass in a solarium. The glass is curved. The structure is aluminum. We would like to replace the glass. Is that possible? Will the new glass fit the aluminum structure? I have already replaced all of the flat glass windows, but the curved glass is proving more difficult.

  33. Just installed new patio doors. Right side has condensation on outside in morning. They are well insulated doors. Is that normal. Or what can be done to fix it?

  34. I have a house that is approx. 16 years old and all the windows are cloudy. I had someone come out and gave me a quote to replace the glass for $150.00 per panel. My problem is that I have etched/cut glass half-rounds in some areas and a large etched/cut glass over my tub. Is it possible to fix these and remove the moisture and me keep my beautiful etched glass?

  35. We have a do it yourself kit that may help, it will not clear letching, which are the stains that happen after many years of condensation but if the windows has recently failed then it can take 20 minutes to clear this.

    Have a look at there are videos that show exactly how to do this yourself for a fraction of the cost of replacing the complete sealed unit or even worse the window.

  36. My house is 54 years old and the windows are single pane with storms windows the frames are aluminum and during the winter i have alot of condensation on the windows and frame ..i have caulked around them but istill have the same problem also in the winter the condensation will freeze around the window frame and window .last year i had to put plastic on them and the house stayed harmer but the windows stayed frozen..any advise would be helpful but im thinking i may have to replace them all..oh i also have the baseboard heat.

  37. If you double pane windows with fogged glass and you only replace the glass are they able to refill gas between the panes so they are insulated again?

  38. To be honest, I wish we had left the old single pane widows alone. I had no idea that double panes would fail after such a short time.

    The old windows were colder, but never fogged up. We thought replacing with double pane would be a nice home improvement, but noooooo……….. This really frustrates me, as niether the manufacturer or DIY center said anything about the limited lifespan for the product. This is just a huge gimmick just to sell new windows every few years that nobody can afford to replace.

  39. We repaired our windows, there are guys out there that state they can repair them but when they visit they just tell you they are too far gone and you have to replace the glass.

    I got so frustrated with this, in the end we found a Do It Yourself kit that claims to remove the condensation.. As we were looking at $1500 to replace our windows I thought I would give it a try for $50 it was a worthwhile gamble..

    I’m glad we did, took us about 20 minutes to do the first window and within a week the condensation had gone, we have now installed the vents in the windows and it’s been perfectly clear for 8 months….
    We then fixed the other 8 windows we had… check out condendsation2clear at

  40. We have a large 3 panel sliding glass door. Can you get a storm door for it only the center door slides. Just thinking energy saving.


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