Tips for Today’s Homeowner

Tips for Today’s Homeowner can be downloaded 3 ways:

Daily Satellite Audio Distribution

• Program distributed on Westwood One satellite carrier via the X-Digital Systems (XDS) platform
• Programs may be scheduled via Calendar method
• Authorization IS NOT necessary – this is an open program
• Instructions on scheduling programs in the XDS receiver can be located at this link:

Locate the daily Tip for Today’s Homeowner (“TFTH”) in the XDS “Program List” tab as follows:

Today’s Homeowner TFTH

Day: Mondays through Fridays
Time: 03:01:00 am – 03:02:30 (Each Feature is: 90 in length)

Stations that need assistance scheduling record and playback functionality in their XDS receivers or have technical questions should contact Affiliate Technical Services Department, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET at 914-908-3210 or via email,

Stations with satellite difficulties during LIVE feeds should call the Technical Operating Center at 914-908-3220.

FTP Distribution
password: tipsftp

(If you have time-out issues, use the backup FTP at — no password required.)

Tips are uploaded at least 1 week in advance of air.

(Please use an FTP client like Cyberduck to access FTP. It doesn’t work well from a web browser)

DropBox Distribution

Tips are uploaded here at least 1 week in advance of air: