Tips for Reviving an Old Shed Like a Pro

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini
Reviving an Old Shed

Jane in Pennsylvania has a 30-year-old paint job on her shed. How she can revive the old shed and make sure it’ll last another 30 years.

Replacing Cracked Tiles with Accent Tiles

Nicole in California needs advice on matching tiles to her existing cracked floor tiles.

How to Repair a Reoccurring Sinkhole

Sondra in Pennsylvania has an ongoing sinkhole in her driveway. How she can repair the area to ensure it doesn’t sink again.

Simple Solutions

DIY hand sander made of PVC pipe and sandpaper
Need to sand by hand? Make these tools to sand flat and curved surfaces.
DIY Sanding Tools

Here’s how to make hand-sanding tools for both flat and contoured surfaces.

Carriage bolt securing shed door
Want to keep thieves out of your shed?
Burglarproof Your Shed

Shed doors are usually mounted with surface-mounted hinges, which are easy to install and strong, but they’re not very secure.  

Best New Products

Specially designed for year-round, indoor gardening
How to Grow Vegetables Year-Round

If you’re a fan of growing your own vegetables and herbs you may have discovered that doing it outside can be difficult. It can be too hot or too cold depending on the season and where you live.


Last month Kathy in Arizona Called about sun-damaged doors. She wanted to know how to give them new life and protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

decorative door

She took our advice and after sanding, staining and several coats of Polyurethane her doors popped back to life. Take a look.


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Wet & Forget

Duck Brand


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