Werner’s Multipurpose Ladder is Practical for Homeowners, Pros

Werner multipurpose ladder, seen outside

Sometimes, tools designed for the pros turn out to be just as good of a solution for homeowners, and this is a great example.

The Werner LEANSAFE X3 6-foot Fiberglass Ladder is a professional 3-in-1 multi-purpose ladder that seamlessly changes from a step to straight ladder in one adjustment.

You know it’s for pros because it’s rated at 375 pounds. And it’s uniquely designed to securely lean against flat wall surfaces, wall corners, poles, and between wall studs, while also working as a standard stepladder.

For homeowners, a 6-foot stepladder is a common tool. So, if you also need a straight ladder? You don’t have to buy two ladders — just this one that does two jobs.

This one-handed latch is all it takes to convert the ladder and the all-in-one top secures tools and accessories.  And these non-marring rubber foot pads maximize the surface area in both the step ladder and leaning ladder modes.


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