Water Stained Ceiling

When a roof leak reaches the living space of your home, it stains the drywall where it soaks through the ceiling. Many people assume that they can just roll a coat of ceiling paint over the spot, but it just doesn’t work that easily because that stain will bleed back through ordinary paint.

The solution is a stain blocking primer, and the easiest way to apply it is with a spray can. In fact some manufacturers design cans to spray upward specifically for this purpose.

First, cover the area beneath the stain with a drop cloth, then gently dust the spot with the primer until it disappears. You want to feather the primer out a bit, so that the stain and the repair is less visible. And remember, several light coats are a lot better than one heavy coat.


  1. When you have a water stain on the ceiling, do you need to somehow put some sort of anti-mold spray or liquid on the drywall? Can be tough to do in a ceiling, but small hole and spray upward?

    • Hi Steve. Spraying it with oxygen bleach will kill the mold, but you need to eliminate the water source to prevent it from coming back. No amount of anti-mold spray will be effective if the area stays moist.


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