How to Kill Vines so They Won’t Grow Back

Danny and Joe welcome callers’ questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Here’s a question from our Sept. 21 broadcast:

Tony in Alabama says, “We have a beautiful older home that was covered with vines.

We have removed them off our walls, but need to know how to kill them so they do not grow back.

So far I have tried vinegar, but it does not seem to be working. Do you have any suggestions?”

We tell Tony there is a home-and-garden white vinegar with about 30% acidity. This, with a little bit of dish soap, should do the trick on those vines.

Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the answer!
Read the blog from the Sept. 21 show and listen to the full broadcast here.


  1. I have stubborn vines that grow on the mature trees in my backyard. Will the vinegar and soap solution be ok to spray the vines on my trees?

    • Hi, Linda,
      We haven’t tried this solution on trees; just siding.
      Please use at your own risk if you want to try it out, and let us know how it goes!


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